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Instructed my solicitor finally – What to expect next?
Good that you have asked for fri to mon to and from school. Yes she will argue against everything! I am sure Dads in here will help you with caselaw to quote for a final hearing re half the holidays. I think 25 minutes is fine. My son spends that long on a bus going to school. I believe the reasonable limit for a journey is 35 to 40 minutes. How old are the kids? If they’re both school age then 25 mins is no problem.

It can be an idea to have a recital saying both parents will let the other know destination and dates if they are going abroad.

My suggestion for a final hearing is a) Do a position statement for the day (this is separate to your witness statement with evidence). It can update the position since last hearing and pre empt any arguments she is making. No need to read it out - just take 3 copies - give one to the other side and one to the Judge on h the morning of the hearing (or email it to the Judge the day before and give a copy to the other side when you get there).

The main witness statement I am sure you have sound arguments stating why they should spend this time with you and go to and from school to avoid conflict, Quoting caselaw will help and also attaching evidence - eg emails etc from ex that highlight her attitude to not supporting the kids relationship with youth. But mainly focus on why they should.
Great news mate, glad some contact has been restored! Fingers crossed it all works out Smile

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