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What makes me sad
I sometime become incredibly sad thinking my daughter is going to turn out to be like her mum. I mean not looks wise, but her personality.

Have you felt this way. How do you cope with these thoughts?
Yes all the time. My ex is a religious freak n nut job. I hate when children get brain washed in to extreme religious views. I worry a lot bud cos when child are young they will follow what's taught them and then the damage is already done.

All I see is that dads appear very level headed , child focused and out to do what's in the best interest.
Yet the mothers are focused around what they can get out of the split. Its shameful.
My ex is a compulsive liar. She is selfish beyond belief and so two faced. She is the type that is lovely and friendly with everybody and as soon as they are away she has nothing good to say about them. And worst of all she is completely shameless about it all.

I always disliked these traits in her in all the 15 years we were together but was stupid enough to ignore it.

I am not sure if that makes her a narcissistic but I think it comes close. I hope my daughter won't be like that. Not sure I can do anything about it though.
I have the same fears too. Think I hit a nerve the other week when I commented that 3 generations of her family have all cheated resulting in split family’s let’s hope our child doesn’t do the same thing.
Her mum is a want want girl and I foolishly gave her everything and had nothing I pray our child got more of my genes than hers.
i think , its the x, and y thing, gene thing, daughters like dads? so im really hoping that my girl turns out like dad,, and not at all like godzilla,
Well if you guys get to stay in their lives always there’s an even chance that things may turn out better than you expect.

I would also hope that by the time today’s kids are grown up shared care or very close to it is the norm.

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