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UPDATE - New GF puts me on a break - what next?
Good job Smile no need to bow and scrape to anyone Smile
(05-01-2018, 04:40 PM)Mr Sandman Wrote: By way of an update - I played the long game - did it all by the book and I'm seeing her again at the weekend. I resisted the temptation of speaking to her for three months and looking needy, just played it cool, and she has clearly found it attractive enough to come back for more... I was so tempted to plead and beg like a pussy, but I didn't, in fact a recent message I said she didn't need to call me back, either ways fine. Amazing how things work out...

heres to long and fruitful relationsop
My new partner (now ex as of a week and a half ago) was similar, but even more controlling. Stunning looking (she had done modelling), amazing sex with NO TABOOS, and she could be a real laugh. She didn´t suggest a break but if I ever mentioned my ex then she went stroppy and suggested I go back to my ex. I repeated on various occasions that if I was with her I was with her 100%, and going back to me ex was never an option. My new ex partner also pressured for me to push through the proceedings on visitation and getting my name off the properties to cut all ties ASAP to my ex. She even questioned one day why I was paying so much to my ex each month, to which I replied that is my legal and moral responsibility, to which she replied that she had never received a penny or requested anything from her ex.

The whole trust issues, insecurity, and controlling nature made me realise that life is too short. I felt controlled by my ex, and was buggered if I was going to go into a worse situation than that. But as happens to many of us, my extremely happy one eyed trouser snake was clouding my judgement.

Think if this new woman makes you truly happy. Think if you feel stressed by the whole situation. I know we all want to find that woman who truly loves us and respects us. I just start to wonder if there even of those type of women in this world so we can each have one.

But good luck to you. I hope it all works out for you. And if it doesn´t, just keep moving on.
#24 after three more dates I knocked it on the head, she was borderline narcissistic. So I'm now online dating again, woo hoo...
Good man. Always be ready and able to walk away
(05-24-2018, 11:47 AM)Mr Sandman Wrote: after three more dates I knocked it on the head, she was borderline narcissistic. So I'm now online dating again, woo hoo...

Good on you for having the balls and the sense to walk away

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