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False accusations of DV + alcoholic wife = game over
Court went relatively well; obtained orders from the magistrate for the following:-
To see my son on a regular basis - taking into consideration my work commitments it will amount to 1-2 times per week including an overnight at weekends, and also agreed a weeks holiday in summer
Hair Strand Test and Liver Function Tests, both to go back 6 months segmented
Full police disclosure (her side tried to resist this for some unknown reason but magistrate gave it the green light - remains to be seen what they were trying to hide)
Letter from her GP disclosing all relevant info
Her to undertake to continue attending rehab program with written reports required to confirm this as well as progress
Both of us to undertake to engage in SPIP
Section 7 to be done by SS/CSD as Cafcass officer despite being present at court managed to wriggle out of it saying that it was down to the social worker involved with the case to compile this report - 12 weeks required to complete this apparently
DRA set for date in August with plenty of other stuff to be sorting in the mean time
Only down side from my point of view was the increasingly likely prospect being portrayed to me by my solicitor and barrister that she may well be given right to remain in the property until son completes school, college and uni (another 9 years!!) - that would then tie up all my equity and my mortgage ability for the corresponding amount of time :-( will have to wait and see on that one
Interestingly there emerged a wide discrepancy on when she ‘stopped drinking’ - in their report she told CSD it was in January, told Cafcass it was 1st week of April and told her rehab program it was 3rd week of April - guess the HST and LFT results will shed more light on this but she’s definitely been lying to someone...

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