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Just had CAFCASS interview, update
(02-26-2018, 10:09 PM)Naive Wrote: Cheers, if I show her I’m recording then she’ll move onto the next tactic. Probably best to record in secret so I can refute her allegations. If I were a judge I’d look at this and say you two need to grow the fuck up, but I’m shit scared she’s actually going to make it all stick.
I keep thinking, ex hasn’t spent more than 30 seconds in me and my daughters presence in over a year, how the hell would she know anything about my care. My problem is the last minute barrister I needed (because ex said she didn’t have one but does) looks like she is 12.

mate i can tell you now that anything recorded without permission wont be seen by any judge the barrister will demand it be removed as it violates certain things. but let her go onto new tactics the judges will see that she is trying to make you trip up and also get a reaction from you. just record it openly tell why as well say this recording is for your protection from future incidents she wont do anything and if you have told her then you can use it as she has been made aware. if that makes sense. i know from an ex's case she had telephone calls recorded but the judge told you cant play any recordings to them but she had them sent to somewhere who types them up into scripture for the case and it was allowed as he mentioned that she was doing things over phone calls therefore making the typed stuff usable in court as a defense so be careful these women can be sneaky. like i said ive two against me trying to set me up lol and its all getting thrown one bit at a time but im not reacting negatively towards the mother to my child one bit and its making them try new things and people will read between the lines eventually trust me just hold it together you will get what you deserve. ive not seen my daughter coming up to 4 months now so trust me thats hard but i see it as its not about me and her its my daughter who will see everything mum has done to stop it all remember that.

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