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Just wondered if anyone had ever received any apology, acceptance or remorse from their exes further down the road? (Has anyone ever even reconciled?)

Not that it matters, but just wondered if any women who make these decisions ever showed any sign of regret for deciding to tear families apart.
Yes - My ex is apologetic every time I see her, every time we have contact, she is immensely remorseful, she had an affair for a number of years and thought she could love two men simultaneously, and yes she would happily reconcile but I simply don't have the trust or respect for her anymore.
I have had nothing and don't expect anything now..... all I get is hate whether that is to cover the pain I do not know but as we do not speak I doubt I will ever find out.
Same... nothing.. .and even after a judge reprimanded her for her behavior and told her there was no way she would have won her ridiculousness case... nothing

But she is the prefect co-parent and works hard to put the kids that their needs first... Joking... she remains a nightmare and is driven by her hatred of me over her love for the kids... shame... but i only report to my kids... not her...
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
The closest I got to one was 'I wish I felt differently' and 'I know its hard for you' - the validity of such statements was of course undermined by running round for weeks maligning and trying to provoke me in the aid of justifying the decision she made to destroy her own family and erase 9 years of history.

However I am a believer of cause and effect, also known as Karma.
No, the only time my ex said sorry was when I told her I was leaving her because she'd treated me like shit for so long and refused any sort of physical relationship. And I know that wasn't "sorry I've done it", it was "sorry you're not putting up with it for very long".

I don't hold it against her though, it's just the way she is. Being angry about it is about as useful as getting upset that rain is wet.
ex s simply do not apologise no matter how wrong and spiteful they are. hate is a horrible trait to have
Occasionally used to get a politicians sorry....

"I'm sorry that you think I've done something to upset you"

Basically ... go and screw yourself apology...
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Non what so ever.

In fact, she goes out of her way to make everything my fault.

A month ago I forgot to return part of his uniform as it got caught up in the wash. I apologised immediately and drove the 50-mile round trip to take it to his school the next day so he wasn't without it (a fleece).

A few weeks ago she forgets to return his entire uniform and its my fault - I need to buy more in case she forgets!

Quite why we have 2 sets of uniform (one for her and one for me) is a long story for another time.
I actually, finally let go of her because of apologies. She pasted me for years for not "supporting her in her hobby"
Late 2016 we had a possible reconciliation talk. She brought up the hobby thing and I gave her all the evidence to contrary but still apologised that she felt that way. She GRACIOUSLY accepted the apology and I skipped home with a wistful hope of family life.
Took her 9 days and 6 hours to dig its carcass back up and hang it round my neck again. That's when I finally accepted that its impossible. She has been trying to make my life hell ever since, she hates the fact I gave up and I can see her ache for me to come crawling back so she can kick me square in the balls again.

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