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What kind of evidence can you show in a CAO courtroom?
I have lots of evidence in the form of dated photos, videos and telephone recordings which tell an entirely different story to the one my ex partner is trying to portray.

Can these be shown to Cafcass in any initial meeting and more importantly, can these be used in court?

Thanks in advance.
Ok. Really good you have evidence collected.

I had exactly the same.

The problem is what you have and what gets brushed under the radar is another story.

Cafcass were given all hard documents from police ,social and health. Yet non was even mentioned in the Sec 7, and non was even looked at during my proceedings.This was a total error on both Cafcass and magistrates.

I did not talk openly about he said she said during my Cafcass visit. I stayed totally child focused. Ie how my son enjoys etc, routines etc health school and so on.

I gave the bundle to Cafcass and let them make their own opinion of it.However did give a quick historical rundown of events without being too mother bashing.

Your evidence can be used in court. Any audio recordings have them transcribed and used when they give directions for fact finding. You can before hand mention in your position statement , for example The mother continues to use inappropriate language and threatening behaviour in the presence of our son/daughter.List a few dates and example.
This way you don't give much away until when it really matters ie at fact finding/final hearing.

Dont get bullied by the magistrates by them telling u otherwise.
Stay factual, truthful and dont get pushed around.
Courts are only interested in evidence. If police have been involved ,get a copy of the incident logs etc.

I have my retrial in April and I have had my audio all transcribed by my work colleague. Lucky for me my work involves working with the statutory setting .

Photos printed and dated, bruising etc to my child after contact with his mother and so on.
Hopefully this time I wont feel sorry for the ex, as last time being soft in my approach and feeling bad for my ex and handicapped me.

Good luck .

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