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Dealing with being the target of parental alienation
Yes often the case... her document is written with emotion

Yours is: I love my kids, they love me (fact)... i have until now been an equal part of their lives and them mine (fact)... the deserve 2 parents (and families) working together to give them the best in life (fact)... as nothing has changed since the split to impact that (just the ending of the adult relationship) the court must agree to give these children the best decision for now and their future...(fact)

Remember anything she claims in court to show you cannot be an equal parent she has to PROVE.... you don't have to defend... and this is why she will fail.. her case is irrational and based on emotion... courts need to deal with facts (although family court seems to be a lottery)

And as you had the kids last week... she obviously has no concerns (no real concerns)...if she claims you are danger to them ... she needs to explain what changed since last weekend (i give you a clue... nothing!)
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"

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