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hi im dan 
i have been seperated for two years now and for the last 3 months the ex has refused me access to both my daughters. our breakup has been horrible and the only people now suffering from it is my girls.
 so im asking for advise as to what to do
1. can she stop me from seeing my daughter without court action?
2.when we go to court do i represent myself?
3.can i get lagal aid on universal credit?
4.why do women have to be right dicks about everything lol 
not seeing my girls has been difficult and has nearly made me break and go back to where i was in life before my daughters were born (drugs and alchohol abuse). but i dont want my kids seeing me as a useless junkie dad i want to be the best dad ever as any dad does i know im not perfect no one is at the end of the day.
Hi Dan, and welcome.

You say the only people suffering are your girls......well you got that're suffering if not you wouldn't be posting.

Now to your questions, it's getting late so I'll make it short for now.

1, Yes, and it's happened to many of us before.

2,and 3 combined. There is legal aid available but only for a limited set of circumstances, if you end up making a court application self representation is something you can do if you can't afford the services of a solicitor and legal aid isn't available to you. I've done it and once you get over the initial apprehension it isn't difficult as long as you approach it in the right fashion and are well prepared.

4, Not all females are "dicks" just as not all dad's are loving, caring parents. However hell hath no fury etc.etc.etc

I've written several posts on the "approved" course of action which eventually would lead to a court application, have a read through other posts on the board to find out more, or check out Separated Dad's website, it contains a whole raft of useful information to help you through the process.
If you do not qualify for legal aid a number of solicitors offer a free half hour and a reduced hourly rate to help you organise and explain proceedings. Also have some helpful advice alomg with a number of other websites

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