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Relocation case
We still live in the marital home. We have seperated for more than a year and we are still sharing care of the child exactly 50/50 albeit both still living at the same house, while the house is being sold. both full time employed.6 year old daughter.

A few months ago, wife said she wanted to move her job to a place 150 miles away. She still could continue with her job here. No connections there whatsoever. We went to court and I wanted 50/50 shared care to continue and for daughter to stay in her current school and that we sell up and buy two smaller places around her school. I made an argument that there is no compelling reason for her to relocate and would be detrimental to the child.

Both myself and barrister knew within the first few minutes that the judge had already decided. Totally one sided judgement.

She is allowed to relocate with child. Live with order for both of us. Alternate weekends and half holidays with me. We share the commute back and forth 50/50.

Next week she will move with daughter. It will be first time ever I will not see my daughter for such a long period. We are planning to let the daughter know about it all next week which I am dreading.
Did you have any sort of order in place prior to the relocation case?
Only an interim order until the final hearing , 50/50 shared care.
That must have been gutting! That's bang out of order. Sad
Oh man....that's tough.

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