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How do I go about this?
Hi guys

I'm due to receive a section 7 addendum this week and I'm in no doubt that I will have to contest and challenge their "findings"

How do I do that though? Do I go directly to cafcass or do I put it in my position statement? Or do I do both?

I'm representing myself and been made to jump through every hoop and I'm getting nowhere fast nothing seems simple and the onus is dumped on me to do everything.

For example ex is hostile to contact - what am I going to do about it? Surly that's something they should be asking my ex not me!?

Sorry going off topic but I'm really finding it tough right now
Attempt to de-escalate the conflict and co parent, record the response/no response into evidence.
Once youve tried a few times, think about how to avoid her altogether. My solicitor suggested handovers in the local supermarket by the customer services counter where there is guaranteed CCTV and lots of people. Whatever the problems are, think of ways to fix or avoid the situation happening.

She is hostile for you to contact? or she is hostile to your contact with child?

If you've got questions like that buddy, hit us with em. I know what its like, you cant see the wood for the trees sometimes.
That's the kicker.

All my contact is supervised at a centre. 1 hour fortnightly.

Don't see the ex at all.

Cafcass are saying that our daughter is too distressed being separated from her mum and that it may be better if mum was in another room or something to help promote contact.

Contact centre told cafcass they suggested that and other strategies to help our daughter settle down but mum says "no"

Cafcass spoke to me and asked the same thing. I said its all about our daughter and I will agree to try anything. Cafcass said mum says no.
I ask what do you suggest we try?
Cafcass asked me "what do you think?"

Lucky I didn't get to answer because really that's their god damn job and if I as the non resident parent is willing to do anything possible to make it work and that's shot down by the ex saying "no" then surely cafcass should be on my exs back rather than mine!

I've been through the god damn ringer having to disprove every crazy allegation my ex made against me and none NONE of my concerns about her Which I can provide evidence of proving I'm not making sh*t up has been ignored.

Getting my addendum report Friday and cafcass haven't even bothered to read the contact centre report's WHICH THEY ORDERED!
No safeguarding concern about me whatsoever and the cafcass officer started going on about how I need to think of ways to make contact work or it could be stopped entirely!

ex is saying she's only going along with contact because the court are ordering her and won't promote contact and won't try anything to make it work and WOW SURPRISE SURPRISE THATS MY PROBLEM TO FIX!

Her inability to grow up and put our child's needs before her own is baffling and sickening. But to cafcass her attitude and behavior is my fault and that makes me an unfit parent!

I can't make my ex promote contact!!!

Contact centre agree with me that I'm doing all the work and they are getting nothing from her but cafcass are ignoring them.

How do I challenge a cafcass report? What do I do?

Sorry for getting frustrated there... I'm just being road blocked by everyone
this case provides some pointers to the hurdles that might be put in your way.

In respect of the s7 and addendum Report - try reading from para 34 (and then weep) about the quality (or lack of) the untrained person who did the S7 - they did not even know what it was!

You might also want to have a look at this

(noticing how Cafcass use words such as 'purse' and 'his' to show how 'gender neutral' they are not)

Elsewhere on the voice of the child website there are stats on how many Cafcass people have attended 'high conflict' webinars etc.

and of course Cafcass's 'operating framework' which is here:

I think a very strong argument that a lot of us have is 'Why didn't Cafcass interview us dads with our children as well as alone in order to allay any suggestions that we are unfit' A few social workers do this. It seems dumb not to.

In the case above the judge ploughed on despite the appalling flaws in the S7. And the child's wishes to live with his dad rather than his aunt (mother's sister) were ignored despite them being listed in the judgement. The mother (who said she has a good job and a house with a pool in mozambique) said she would rather the child stayed with her sister in the UK in a shared room so far as I can see than let him live with his dad.
Thanks for the links. I'll have a look at them.

So when I receive the addendum do I go back to cafcass with my challenges? Or do I put them in my position statement to court? Or both?
I understand your frustration mate, really do.
But look at it practically, your best chance is to get child to be more comfortable, tall order I know. I can only say what I would do, and thats sign up for every course going, ask friends, ask professionals, practice on friends's kids. It seems the only or best way is to get your child on side. With that said, remember that child is young now and it wont always be like this.
Secondly, you know your ex, can you write a letter? grovel, beg, promise? at least you'll live to fight another day, as it were, you just need a foot in the door right now. Clearly CAFCASS want to see you do ANYTHING/EVERYTHING to sort it.

About as much use as a chocolate fireguard I know, Id say your position statement has got to be more of a mission statement about what you will do, promise, agree to, and nothing about how awkward she is, let her show that. State every tiny thing you've done to get child comfortable but dont give up, keep going.

Does your child still struggle then at the centre? what have you tried so far?

(03-05-2018, 01:23 PM)Cheese_head_1986 Wrote: Thanks for the links. I'll have a look at them.

So when I receive the addendum do I go back to cafcass with my challenges? Or do I put them in my position statement to court? Or both?

If they are false allegations and you can prove it, put it in your statement with proof. The more you can disprove in court the better. If you cant prove it then see if CAFCASS will change it.

Can someone confirm thats best?

I like it when ex tries the silly ones, I feel it weakens her position so why get it changed?
Thanks naive

We're on the same page there, done the separated parent information program off my own back, completed all the cafcass stuff, applied for courses and stuff to go on.

Cafcass said that I was "trying too hard"

Ex would slap me with a non mol if I contacted her directly and anything I said she would use against me.

Things were getting better at the centre, she's been laughing and playing with me etc but then at the next session (where cafcass were present) she was inconsolable and was pushing me away and trying to get away from me which has never happened before.

The contact centre staff tried to explain to cafcass that it was never like this but it didn't hold any sway with the cafcass person...

My concern has always been that our daughter is being isolated and my ex has admitted that she doesn't agree with play days or child care being done by anyone other than her or her family and yet cafcass seem to think that because my isolated little girl is so scared of ANYTHING outside of her house that it's better to not rock the boat and deny her seeing her dad...

My daughter is almost 2 and she's never even met my parents or family... cafcass seem to think that's ok as well...

I don't want to be told I can't see her...
Your best bet it to put Cafcass on the stand and question them probably.

You can’t say you try too hard then turn around and say you do too little. The contact centre’s report is based on more than one visit so on balance contact goes well. Very odd that she happened to play up on that day.
Ex probably told her stuff knowing Cafcass were going to be there. I think you are doing amazingly. Do you now have a final hearing? Whatever Cafcass say or recommend, once you get before a Judge, with an ace statement, you can argue that once your child is in a more normal situation, all will be fine.
I had the same problem with cafcass.

Both the,sec7and addendum report were poor and inaccurate.

I kindly informed them via email that their was factual inaccuracies in the report.

I e-mailed the courts to and also within my position statement.

Then I have drafted out the points of factual inaccuracies in the. Report and wrote what was factual..

I wont submit the letter to cafcass until the day before court. As it will help u as if you end up with a contested hearing the cafcass officer will twist your findings if they have time to prepare an answer.

You can question them at the hearing.

Its shocking they do this. And its a norm.
I never once behaved this way in my profession.
I know how things are behind closed doors. Its disgusting.

The problem you will encounter like I did in court is that it will be like you against the rest, the magistrates, the cafcass officer, n the devil.
It is so twisted and one sided.
I ended up appealing the ordered through the appeal court and both cafcass and the magistrates failed to follow correct procedures when making the judgement.

It really showed in that they do not really give two xxxks about the child. Its a business like any other business. They just follow their handbook. Just the same as taking your car for a mot.

Please do your own brief sec 7 report but as and addition to your position statement.
Keep everything Child focused
Use the welfare checklist sub headings as a guidance

If you need a sample I can inbox u one.

So many dads on here and virtually the same hostility towards them by professionals. Wow .

Oh after court proceedings are over , throw in the complaints.
Remember YOU are the parent.NOT COURT or CAFCASS.

You have PR of your child and the decision is yours to be made with the mother.
DONT LET THEM BULLY YOU. They have no powers to do so,especially magistrates.

Dont agree to thing you arehave not happy with. Or it will bite u on the ass.

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