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Anyone had their judgement published?
Just wondered if anyone on here had asked for their Judgement to be published and how that went down with all involved.

Watching much of the misery on these boards it would appear that many would qualify. The rules are here:-

Paras 14 onwards define the criteria and particularly 17(i) to do with cases where emotional harm is alleged. and para (18) (all other cases where permission is asked for)
What would be the necessity of publishing the judgement? Im assuming it can be shown to schools, doctors, CMS to prove residence/contact?
What do you mean by "publish"?
It's more that by being able to read the published judgements of otherj cases that you can see what the 'law'/take on particular positions is. Where the precedents lie for example.

There are numerous published cases on holidays where objections have been made for one reason or another. Also numerous where Cafcass have had their 'views' rejected. I have always found it helpful to be aware of the arguments that have swung each case.

The Judgement is the reasoning behind any Order (or lack of it). As I understand it. If a Judgement is not published then you won't have a copy of it to show the school etc. Showing a judgement to a school is probably forbidden anyway as it would identify the people/children in the case.

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