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Position statements
Omg . £4500. This is ridiculous.

How do ppl afford this??? Im seriously worried now as my hearing is listed for a whole day
Solicitors fee's are usually in 6 minute increments. so talk quickly and listen even faster.

Mine is a fairly simple case, pass go straight to final hearing. So I could probably do without solicitor. Barrister though!!!!! I would pay ten times the solicitors fees for her.
Credit card!
Coincidence, solicitor has just given me the final estimate, £7,000.
My car is not even worth that.
I know each case is different hence everyone's cost differ but I went down the McKenzie friend route and so far this has cost me £736.80 and that has been for all the paperwork inc. position statements and appearing for the first and second hearing although due to the bad weather last week he was unable to attend which didn't really matter as everything was done anyway so instead he will do the narrative statement that needs to be done.

Seeing these costs though gives me an idea of what it is costing her though as she has a solicitor doing the day to day crap and a barrister that appears and writes the CAO (two so far).
Shall we have a competition on largest legal bill. It might make some feel better. Mine for December -january was £10,560.
Oh dear.

I better get in touch with my solicitor. I dont want them racking up the costs unnecessary. Unsure what they did last month as I wasn't in much contact with them hmm. Like the appealed final hearing is next month. So I can see that the barrister will be an add on ££££ and the solicitors unsure what they have to do. I Will see if I can contact a barrister n get some figure. I cant mess up this time round not being represented.
Bloody owe 2000k in fees and ive been temporarily out off work to sort this mess out.

Once this is over I will ensure all involved with have a bullet of complaints heading their way for the incompetent dealing of both court n cafcass in the matter of my case given the total bulls up of the judgement made that shouldn't have been made as they all failed to acknowledge mandatory directions in law.
And sucker head here had to pay 1000s to take it to appeal as there was no other way fwd.

Its a mess . The courts get it wrong and the donkey ie the father pays to have it corrected.
How does that work?? Bloody baffling.
I just payed £2300 to go to court for my ex to agree to cross undertakings on a non mol. Thanks for wasting my money and time both of which could been spent with/on our child.
I wasted about £5,000 on a Solicitor who didn't do much at all and was no help at first hearing. I then switched to a Solicitor and Barrister who both quoted a fixed fee. Barrister's fixed fee was less than I had wasted on the previous Solicitor. Previous Solicitor "quoted" about £5,000 in total if it went to a final hearing. I cut my losses and thought I'd rather pay that to a Barrister. It would have cost about £7,500 in total but with the wasted time on previous Solicitor it came to about £13,000 in the end.

So my tip is - if the solicitor feels like a time waster they probably are! It stinks having someone bill you for waffling for two hours when they clearly aren't even fighting your corner. Go for as many free half hours as it takes to find someone you think - yes this one is for me. Or do what I did and ask on here for recommendations in your region. From people who were happy with their legal team. Changing legal team part way through ended up costing more, but at least I got a result.

At the SPIPP course, most of the other Dads there were saying - you just have to spend £10k to get a decent order. It's shocking - both parents should have automatic equal residence anyway.

Having said that,some people have done very well on their own, and I may do it myself next time after having got a reasonably good order as a starting point (and I fully expect to have to go back again at some point).
My barrister is £2500 +VAT for final hearing. When its all over [or if you want to PM me] Ill tell you who she is. Im really impressed with her.
Yes definitely would recommend skipping the solicitor altogether and just having barrister, do the leg work yourself. It hurts listening to a solicitor waffle about forms knowing that little speech cost me £80.

There should be a "trustatrader" type site for solicitors. I cant find any reviews about my or her solicitor.

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