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Final hearing cross examination
(03-09-2018, 02:58 PM)LTCDAD Wrote: Mine was hilarious... the clown (her solicitor ... who had more make-up on than a clown) ran out of questions and the ex was passing her post it notes of what to ask.

The best one (according to my solicitor) was when she asked if i could describe a typical day with the kids... so i did... everything, from wiping the little ones ass, to making packed lunch, to doing the washing and ironing, to not sitting down until midnight and holding down a full time senior job, also getting to school early and logging on to webex's using the school wifi so i am there and can pick them up on time, playing games, reading book... and I've done that since day they were born (not the washing ... wasn;t allowed to touch that by the control freak)

Judge had a tear in her eye... ex and her solicitor didn't know what to say ... no idea what she thought asking that question was going to achieve

I know exactly what it was going to achieve!
the possibility that someone else could be capable of caring for her little cherubs was unfathomable.
But we both equally good parents ... and she knew it... I had the kids the night before the 1st hearing as we had already agreed to shared custody... we were doing it .. then she walked into court and said she wanted sole custody... but couldn't explain why only that she thought mothers were better than fathers and suddenly I was a danger to my kids and had mental heath issues... just sat there thinking "what planet is she on?"

Towards the end of the relationship ... i'd always felt she lied so easily.. about almost counselling, in mediation .... and court was just a continuation ... i started to doubt myself and how i saw things... thought it must have been me who was wrong all the time... but it was her gas-lighting

My solicitor told me after it all ended that the court referred to us as "the couple who do shared custody but the mother doesn't believe its shared custody" ... total waste of 18 months of my life
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
And even more importantly a total waste of your children's lives and money. Money that could have been spent on them.

Were we with the same ex?! I had no idea my ex was such a prolific liar. If there is a lie that can be told, she's told it in court!

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