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Financial tactics
The fall...

Mothers all know how to bring proceedings to a very quick victory . The financial tactics.
Bleed you dry so you simply give up on proceedings .

Sorry if there are spelling errors.using my phone while mun munching on a subway

The Financial arrow shot between the balls.
From Once in a secure and stable home environment with No money issues to a quick decline to the verge of wiping out the bank balance.

Ive been out of work for a year. Unable to get bk until this mess is over around child proceedings.

I have already eaten up 6k in court ,solicitors ,barristers and McKenzie fees.
Now I will be expecting to pay around another amount of the same for the final hearing and work that's needed.

I wouldn't normally be spending this sort of money on barristers n solicitors but after having been dicked over by cafcass,and magistrates at the last final hearing which was and successfully appealed the judgement due to mini mouse making an order that was so one sided and unjustly. I cant risk the bullshit to happen again.

I hate to have the ex not turn up and all that money wasted on a barrister on the day to have it adjourned.

I qualify for legal aid but cannot access it cos of my assets.
Its a joke.
So divorce is looming too and the ex has put in for financial settlement.

Its ok for ex to put in legal aid for herself as she has no assets etc

But isnt it contradictory that they will walk away from the divorce with half of your assets.

So to win a case and get ya self bankrupt , all that needs to happen is the ex to apply for every order under the son where u have no choice but to have the case handled by a solicitor.

I am in a unusual position. Being a resident parent fighting to keep my son in my care.

And fighting the corrupt system . I say corrupt as ive seen it first hand the ppl who should follow the law simply do not. My successful appeal is evidence of that.

Oh some more evidence has come to light following my complaint to ombudsmen.

Cafcass Did not make enquiries to children services, health or schools to ascertain information for the sec 7 report.

The reporting office stated that they had in the report.

It all has come at a cost.

The corruption is there. It has alway been there. It just needed the time to expose it.

In many cases reports are produced last minute so very difficult to challenge.

The worst enemy is time.
If court dates are delayed , reports etc.your child is then seen to be in routine.And disrupting the routine is a no no.

Sorry to rant but the system is a mess
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totally agree

my ex screwed me as she had the bank of mum and dad to drag me through the courts, what am I left with

my pension and that's it!...the house, shares, contents and cash all handed to her...I've even been lumbered with two lots of her costs to pay..

bankruptcy is my only way to pay off my court costs which all ended up on credit cards

BUT its only money and as long as you have your health you can find does take a while for you to calm down and realise there f'all you can do on this roller-coaster but I just look to the future when I stop paying her half my wages and I can laugh at her when rome burns around her..

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