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Cafcass Advice To Court
So we’ve completed the Cafcass mediation pilot scheme, actually resolved a couple of the minor issues. Still due in court next week for holidays and Christmas.

My ex has now turned around and said she’ll agree to 1 full week this Summer and 2 next. No agreement was close on Christmas.

I want 2 weeks this Summer, due to my dads ill health 15 family members are going on a booked vacation abroad as it’s likely to be his last holiday.

Cafcass have said in their letter to court that they feel 1 week is right for this year, and recommend me booking additional flights home after a week for me and XXXX, then back for the second week just me Sad

They also recommend we alternate Christmas Sad
Normally if caffcass recommend this then courts will 9 /10 follow this request
What was their reason as to why 1 week was good enough? They must have a reason.

2 weeks is not long.

Flying home then back again midweek is enormously inconvenient. Ask if the mother will pay some of the cost of it ias it is at her behest.

You have to think how a court may go, generally they probably side with Cafcass but Cafcass can be challenged in court if needs be.

Hard to know which way to go to be honest because no one can second guess what a judge may do.

Alternate Xmas is quite normal but obviously every parent wants to see their children on the big day.
The Cafcass officer says 2 weeks is a long time for a 4 year old boy to be away from his mother as, up till now, my ex has only let me have long weekends and it’s a big jump from what he’s used to. Annoyingly this is why it’s in court in the first place, I want holiday time with my son and it’s always denied!

They recommend 1 week this Summer, 1 week later in the year, 1 week Easter next year and then 2 weeks Summer next year.

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