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Query on order
Nightmare.  Order hasn't been agreed to be sealed by other side yet and ex is wanting new things agreed. One is not unreasonable in principle - except.  She wants another special day added for son's half sibling's birthday.  Only problem is it is during the only full half term week that son has with me.  I would like to agree to it but can't if it's my only full half term week to book a holiday.  I was thinking of saying no - order was agreed in court but am happy to agree outside of the order to a change for it if I'm not on holiday - otherwise a phone call.
You need flexibility. Daytime access if not on holiday and phone call if on holiday sounds ideal. You must reserve the right to take son on holiday that week if you wish.

Lots of kids do not do anything special on their actual birthday but often the weekend before or after because of availibility of other children or adults.
Agree 100% ... holiday is priority and at this age like Hazy says,... all kids birthday are in a Saturday or Sunday when soft play is open!

Offer to take the half brother with you... they will have a great time
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Thanks! Lol LTCDad - offer to take half brother with us - he isn't even allowed to look at me or speak to me!
Exactly Hazy. Birthday celebrations don't happen on birthdays frequently. They are weekend parties. You need to stick to the order whilst offering her time to celebrate the siblings birthday.
Thanks - it is a full half term week (10 days over both week-ends) - although if do have a holiday I'm sure we'd be back for one of the days. But don't want to agree to change the order agreed in court that it has to be a special day, on the day every year.
Court orders can be varied by the agreement of both parents, so I'd stick to the order that suits you for the sealed version, then just agree to swap dates here and there if you're feeling co-operative.

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