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Position Statement
I am going to be filing Court application for shared residency next week and I see that a few people have mentioned about position Statement. It's quite sad having to do a structured breakdown on why I am making the application, as the mother is unfit to care for the child due to her deteriorating health.

Thankfully I've kept copies of her communications demanding half my salary to even discuss contact. When the fact-finding portion starts I'm curious if the courts will request her medical records which are pretty bleak in regards to health and prognosis for the future.

Guess what I'm asking is should my position Statement just be focused on what the children need and that I am able to provide that and just lightly explain that due to her health she is unable?
I did both. But don't dwell on it, at most you should say she has health challenges that make her caring for the children difficult, but you need to come across on a positive light.

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