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More lies by Cafcass courts
As some of you may be aware of my current situation let me give you an update but done an edited version on my situ.

I want you all to to know how corrupt and I hate using that word  and saying this about Cafcass and courts as I too am in this profession.

After some digging and personal detective work I have found the following.. I hate any one to go through this.

but have a scan of my chronology below and the injustice done. 

any spelling corrections I apologise in advance. My phone text is very small 

  • Separated in 2016 following DV, ex the perpetrator. police assistance was required to get her out   was like winning the lotto when she was out/
  • My son remained with me 
  • the ex filed the papers for child arrangements
  • Social Services involved ,ex tried to abduct my son x2 times one during contact and once during the time he was at the nursery , thanks to the nursery releasing him to her.. Angry police called , kid back home with me, safe 
  • social services undertook child and family assessment, outcome closure.
  • I challenged the report as it was appalling with the ex's bullshit opinions in there and bias. some very serious unfounded allegations
  • Social services apologised and to amend  the report to fact based.
  • end up in court for first hearing- Cafcass  safeguarding letter was bullshit as well. challenged it  and I get prohibited steps order in place to avoid further incidents of the ex removing my son out of my care etc. 
  • Cafcass undertake sec 7 report.I provided them with all police logs, social services reports and dv , heath etc reports. I spoke highly of the ex and kept everything child focused.
  • receive the sec 7 report 2 days before the next hearing.
  • challenge that too as it was fully of nonsense and no fact based info in there. Not even the police logs of common assault on me or domestic abuse etc. what it did mention was the ex had left due to dv incident and remains in a refuge??? 
  • in the hearing the magistrate ignored everything I was saying about ensuring the best interest of my son and that certain measures need to be put in to play as it states in all dv cases. again ignored. ignored everything including recommendations from police and social services which I has submitted along side my position statement
so you can see how this was gonna end up
  • The magistrates put an interim order in place. that contact shall be few hours x4 days  Angry total opposite to what I had proposed which where contact would have been safe. The mother to have 12 hours supervised in a contact center and unsupervised..yes an absolute mind boggler??? supervised and unsupervised together  Huh
  • next hearing was in 6 weeks times.
  • Cafcass complete addendum report.night before the hearing. Report was bolloxs again, not at all factual. The contact centre reported concerns. Cafcass failed  to report this. I challenged it in court again as I was not putting up with bullshit professionals trying to pull a fast on one me.
  • Hearing listed for contested /fact finding 2 weeks time
  • day of the final hearing. Cafcass walk around sheepishly in the waiting area.
  • I sit down with them to discuss my position and then some how try and resolve a fair contact arrangement with the ex. howvwer ex and I was not in discussions together( BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART , ) your see why ,
  • Cafcass draft out my proposal to my ex. 2 nights one  week. 1 night the following plus 2 tea time contact a week.I cannot be any fairer than that. I insisted that ex attends a parenting course, a dv perp programme, an no progression of  overnights until mother secures her own property and completes the above.
  •  i see the notes, I do not see the draft.
  • the ex starts to change her mind and whats more contact and wants residency?? just before we walk in to the hearing.
  • the contested hearing did not take place. I never had the order read out or have a copy of the order in court.
  • in the hearing it was like me vs the rest of the court, Cafcass etc.
  • I receive the order in the post   it reads shared??? lives with ??? 3nights per week??? wtf introduction to overnights etc wtf

  • ok I appeal the fuck up  decision as soon as.
  • barrister on board and solicitor ,cost in total to get to the appeal heard £4000
  • appeal hearing date for DEC, then vacated and have to prob wait 2 months etc , so I put in a emergency hearing to get the contact arrangements safe again.this was ignored and told to wait to the appeal hearing date????
  • A the appeal hearing I successfully win the appeal and then have the matter relisted for a final hearing in a few months. however the judge fails to put a stay on the current order. ?? reason I won the appeal was due to practice direction 12j  domestic violence and child contact not being adhered too and lower court making a screw up of the order. Cafcass ordered to do further report.
  • so i won the appeal but feel like i failed due to the order previous in place remaining, so it contradicts the reason for winning the appeal.
  • any way while I wait for the final  hearing I get a letter from the courts stating a enforcement of the order as the ex made an application that  I have breached the order by allowing my son to attend homework club for 1 hour and it eats in to her time???
  • the enforcement application hearing was vacated and listed for the same day as the final hearing.

So I will stop here and now explain the corrupt nature of the family courts and officers involved.

while all the above was going on I did my own detective work. I contacted ombudsman to investigate  Children service and the way they handled the child and family assessment to which they did.

The out come was they found that children services were not at fault. (ok they took 8 months to complete and amend the initial assessment )which was bias and nonfactual. They appologised for their initial report having being bias and incorrect.

the other findings was that children services did not have any further correspondence with  Cafcass after the initial contact for the safeguarding letter.

So here is where the shit starts to appear.
Cafcass stated  and documented that they had contacted children services, school and health departments to help support there sec 7 report.
They simply did not.
they went on hearsay of what the ex stated. everything i gave to cafcass  hard documents    was factual  information gathered from both social and school and health . non was mentioned in the report.
Cafcass did not contact any other the above and the information in the report is a utter nonsense.
The school my son goes to has stated that no one from Cafcass has contacted them , but it states in the report that the school stated etc......

ok the second bit of unprofessional conduct came to my attention today,

Cafcass was ordered by the court to undertake a further report and submit that to the courts.
I have had not contact with Cafcass at all.
My solicitor calls up Cafcass to find out what is happening, where they tell my solicitor that they have filed to the courts to 
decides to make the child a party to the case under rule 16.4 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010. A Cafcass Guardian will be appointed to represent the child in the case and a solicitor.?

very strange that such a application has been filed, Last thing I want is my son to be further exposed to this  mess.

I can see why they have done this as they have probably know that they will be cross examined about the report etc.
WHY delay such matter and what was a final hearing in April will now be a directions hearing.
As I said in another post, Financially this will be a crippling experience as all the ex needs to o know is dry me out of finances by gong to court as and when she decides to throw in more delay tactic.


Alot of father have been wrongly been pulled away from their children ,

I am a resident parent and now the tables are being turned upside down. How does that happen??? it will never happen if the mother was in my position.
what about  the mother attending anger sessions, supervised contacts?? mental health assessments?? no over nights ?? 
I really feel for the dads. Its one rule for one and one for another.
I feel for you, I'm an ex police officer, and my wife got me arrested and charged under false pretences, with the CPS reviewing my case after 3 months, and dropping the charges, stating that the evidence my wife had to produce, differed wholly with what her victim statement says(I was charged with controlling and coercive behaviour). Social services, child services had 3 months however in which they took in all my wife's lies, and when I rang them last week they just didn't want to know. There's going to be a family meeting about the children and my wife, but I'm not allowed to go, and been told that they will send me the minutes from the meeting afterwards. I don't think I've ever spoke to someone so uninterested on what I had to say, and it was apparent that they believed all the lies my wife told them.
Best bit though, as she alleged domestic abuse she gets legal aid, whereas I get nothing. The system like you say is really biased against Dads; I've not given up on my children, but I can't afford to fight for them in the courts, they are 13 and 15, and everyone is telling me that they'll see through her lies, and she is going to end up a lonely old woman, and it will be all of her own doing.
Ex Police officer and an ex s/worker .. now these are two professions that are in line with promoting the best interest of the child.
But when u are not in the role everything becomes finger pointing at the dads and your professional status is no longer looked at.

Its like cannibalism.

What reason had Social services given that you are not party to the meeting.
Had an assessment been carried out? Child in need or a CP .
And have you seen the assessment.
I had one done on me and it was a pooh as it could be.
I did my own assessment and threw it back to them
Followed by a complaint as long as john holmes willy.
Cross ref everything and wanted to know what in their assessment was fact based.
Got the out come and an apology stating they will amend the assessment.

Too bloody right as I don't wish to have the assessment stating I'm a risk to the child as in a child sex abuser.

Ironic as I worked with victims of this nature,and the ex decided to throw the abuse on child tactics.

You have to be head of the game to survive the lies.
And when incompetent professionals are assigned its starts becoming a uphill struggle.

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