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Urgent ex parte non molestation and C100 recieved
I sent my c100 to the court on 5th March which was returned due to an error on C4 form however this evening a person from the courts came and dropped off ex parte non molestation application and C100 for who child should live with and prohibited steps to stop me from removing the child from her care.

The judge who heard the applications refused both applications and listed for a notice hearing in 5days for 30mins

Both applications riddled with lies and only evidence is her statement along with screenshot of some text messages and emails from me requesting contact with the child.

I intend to contest her applications so do need to take all my evidence and make a counter statement to her allegations and take along witnesses or will this be done at later stage?

I also noticed her statement received today is some what different to what she provided to police for her false DV allegations. Also in her statement it states police took no further actions for DV. Do I highlight these inconsistencies and ask judge to request copy of police report.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I had a similar thing. Ex parte refused by judge.
Via solicitor agreed to cross undertakings where you make a promise to the court not to intimidate threaten or harass each other.
Prob best getting free 30mins with solicitor if you haven’t already.

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