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First Hearing.
Ok - stay cool - this is all very common and you just need to stay calm and jump through all the hoops until you get to the end. I am very surprised Cafcass has contacted social services, but if it's something your sister has done it is hardly your fault!

The worst case scenario will be that Cafcass will decide to do a Section 7 report at the end of which they will find there are no issues and will recommend a regular pattern of contact to a Judge. And at a final hearing you have the chance to submit a statement and evidence.

Why do you think the hearing will be adjourned on Wednesday?
That’s what I said, it because he was in my care I should have known better.
I really don’t want this to become a battle, I’m going to stay child focus, she can throw what ever she wants at me, as long as I get to see my son at the end of it all.
What does that say about her though hey if I am what she says I am.

And I think it’ll be adjourned because if her solicitors talking for her they’re really not gonna see the real her.
I just have a feeling it’s not going to be dealt with but I’m hoping it is!
I can't see why they would want to adjourn the hearing. The first hearing is for "directions" really. Cafcass will be involved and may recommend to the Judge what they think should happen next. Be prepared to ask for interim contact. Stay very calm and try not to react to anything thrown at you on the day. The mantra is - I just wish my children to have regular time with both parents. Has the video been taken down now? Was it really bad or a bathtime photo or something? How old is your son?
Maybe adjourned is the wrong phrase to use?
I know it won’t be sorted tomorrow and I will have to go back ...
Snapchat is an iPhone app which allows you to post pictures or a video that last for no more than 10 seconds per photo. So unless she has print screened or took a video whilst watching the snapchat video (if that makes sense) I have no idea how she would have it.
My sister also has no recollection of this video either, and if I’m honest, if I’m bathing my son I’m not really paying attention to what’s going on behind me so I wouldn’t remember myself either or even noticed someone taking a video for that matter.
And if it is true, my sister and my ex haven’t spoke for at least 10months or so now, and if it was that she took at video my son would have been 5-6months old, maybe not even that. He is now 18months old!
So my question is, if she was really concerned why did she not mention it ‘if’ the video was posted ..
And as I said, they only last 10 seconds on that app so once it’s gone it’s gone.
Sounds like a red herring - in fact I'd be surprised if anyone could identify a 5 month old baby! Adjourned means the hearing is cancelled and rearranged for another date, so it won't be adjourned. Yes it sounds unlikely you'll reach agreement at the first hearing. And there will be a further hearing where you can submit a statement and evidence and make your case.
Side note. My drama queen of a wife got screens in court. Treat it as the theatre it actually is and ignore it.
Screens? honestly thats ridiculous. When I was sat waiting for my barrister I saw quite a lot of this, people being shuttled about into separate rooms avoiding each other. Bit of a Jeremy Kyle show to be honest. One woman came out of court SCREAMING at her solicitor, poor guy didnt know what to do, he shuffled off into the CAFCASS interview room.
Id really like to go to court to view some of these proceedings but I dont think you can without good reason can you?
Just an update on how things went at the first hearing.

I’ve got my little boy!

I can’t even say long story short, because it was as short as they come.

Judge granted PR within minutes.
Basically disregarded all her allegations, as they weren’t really talked about. Didn’t really care what her legal representative had to say either.
I did not once make eye contact, never even flinched when they read out the CAFCASS report, she was a wreck. She never ended up having screens either and contradicted her self by saying I’m actually really good with little one and not even aggressive (as accused)

I have my INTERIM order till the next hearing which will be for us to discuss further access due to little one having to get to know me, and to build a bond. Again.
I get to see him once every week from now till the next hearing.

It all went in my favour. And there was me bricking it.
One happy man!

UPDATE though.
Another phone call from CAFCASS yesterday having already been to court and sorted the INTERIM.
CAFCASS, have told me they’ve advised ex part to not let me see little one until their section 7 report has been made. Which at court the judge overruled CAFCASS in the room and said it wasn’t needed. However the lady on the phone said she will be writing to inform the court that the SECTION 7 is needed and have advised mom, to not allow the INTERIM contact until the report is done ..
So I have to wait for a phone call from them so they can come out to see me.
BUT. Me and ex partner still text on the arranged to so I can ask how little one is, ask what he’s been up to and saying I can’t wait to see him (starting from the date made in the INTERIM) and where little one likes to go.
Her response was ‘stick to the order and contact my mom to arrange where you would like to go’

So looks like she’s ignoring what she’s been advised as is still allowing me contact at this time.
I won’t hold my breath though. She’s bound to have another phone call!
Congratulations on that going well and the Judge seeing sense. Extremely frustrating that Cafcass are doing this. Sounds like your ex realises she may get a rap on the knuckles if she makes things up. Just be careful to check the interim order. My interim order was an order but the only bit that was ordered was the SPIPP course and the contact times were just under "agreement".
I’m very, very pleased fOr you. Once all of the excitement has calmed down you can focus on being the best possible father Smile

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