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First Hearing.
Ok guys, kinda nervous as I’ve got my first hearing coming up and this morning I have just received her response to my application. As predicted she apposes my application, thrown some awful allegations in there saying I’ve done this that and the other, but like you’ve all said, it’s not for me to prove I’ve not not them, it’s for her to prove i have.
I have my CAFFCAS call which I remained child focus, told them she’s a good mother and I won’t take that away from her (which I now regret, given these papers I’ve recieved this morning) I was very honest, answered questions accordingly, even brought stuff up I’ve been accused of that she failed to mention, which I was quite shocked about ..
Given these papers this morning, what do I do now. How do I respond?
Just posted on your other thread :-)
I had the same, I kindly emailed them that their were some inaccuracies within the report,safeguarding letter and bullet pointed the convo I had and what was not included in the report.

I also included in my position statement that I have made cafcass aware inaccuracies within the report and attached the email I sent as supporting document.

I just don't understand why professionals leave out such important information in reports or twist to what was said
Sorry Charlie7000, I can’t find it?

asd1270 .. sorry, I didn’t make that clear. I haven’t had the CAFCASS report back yet, it was her response to my c100 application. From her solicitor.
Just basically saying what she wants to happen in court I.E I’m abusive in every category possible (mentally, psychologically, psychically) and the rest, you name it she’s put it. And gave her reasons as to why I am so for that reason she wants separate rooms when we go to court and wants a screen if it go’s really far?
Wants contact to be in a contact center for ‘the now’
Not sure how but you seem to have another thread too - is this you?
That was me yes, but I can’t see my thread. Duno what’s happened lol sorry.
The letters I’ve received are almost as if they’ve been sent by her solicitor as it’s giving his details and written as if a 3rd party is quoting what they’ve been told.
She has asked for separate rooms and also a screen if it goes higher obviously, but she’s happy for face time call and speak like we’re best friends (which I have evidence of)
I have also had another phone call off CAFCASS saying social services now have to be involved given a statement from my ex that my son is in the bath on social media with his genitals out.
I also have her clearly saying on video it’s not fair for me or my son that we don’t get to see each other and all sorts.
I’ve been told I might not get my CAFCASS report till the day of the hearing so how am I meant to dispute it. It’s ridiculous.
Shots are being fired one after the other and its getting me down!
Yup you are under attack. Is it true that son is on a social media video naked? Be very very careful putting anything on social media right now and for some time.

Ok so she only called social services after receiving your application. Make a note of that. All these notes will be helpful for your statement if it goes to a final hearing,and make it easier to have a record of everything and remember everyting . So note - shortly after receiving my application for Child Arrangements order, ex has contacted social services saying I have posted a video of son on social media with his genitals showing. (Then add what you have done about this if anything).

What is the date of this video being posted? Is it before or since separation and was it definitely posted by you? If it was, take it down.

If you can refute any of the allegations I would suggest emailing Cafcass very politely and briefly - eg

Further to my telephone call with yourselves, I am in receipt of various allegations as a response to my application to see my son, which have arisen since Jane received my application.

I should be grateful if you could please make a note of the following in this regard:

a) I have removed a video from social media of my baby son playing in the bath, which was only shared with family and friends, but which I appreciate is inappropriate and will no longer be using social media to share photos and videos of our son. (or whatever the circumstances are).
b) Whatever the next allegation is just say you do not agree this is the case and enclose xyz information (eg if you have some kind of document refuting it - a GP letter, a testimonial from a neighbour or whatever), and that you have never had any kind of involvement with the police or any criminal record whatseover and are concerned at the allegations.

Then sit it out. If social services want to come and visit you let them. Be yourself and straight,but be careful as although it seems like a casual chat everything you say will go on record. Try not to say anything negative about the ex. Explain that you are recently separated and have just applied for a court order for regular time with your son and you feel thecomplaint is a reaction to that. Show them your application. Say to them that you now appreciate videos on social media could be taken the wrong way and have/will remove it and not use social media for sharing photos or videos in future.

The bonus is - if they visit your home they can see it is good,child friendly etc - so make sureit is!
I say social media, it’s the app on snapchat where only the people you have on there can see it (if you’re familiar with that app)
I haven’t posted it, the woman on the phone said my sister had which I’m yet to confirm.

And my ex partner didn’t ring SS. She rang CAFCASS herself to add more to her original statement from the first phone call we had.
The other allegations are a little of he said this and he said that.
She didn’t mention the rape allegation, which I did, I don’t want no stone left unturned that could possibly jeopardise the outcome.
I am currently pin pointing evidence on which she has contacted me for help or when she arranges me to have our son without her presence.

As the allegations of apparently how abusive I am in every way possible contradict her parenting if I am what she says I am but yet still allowed me contact with my son!
The video sounds like a red herring then. Maybe wait and see what the Cacass letter says and see if there's anything you need to respond to. The other evidence you have would be good for the final hearing but you won't get opportunity to present that as your case until a final hearing (if it goes to a final hearing). Having said that - if Cafcass letter isn't too good then it may help to send them a copy of an email in which she is happy for your to spend time with son and asks for help and politely point out there were no issues over your suitability prior to your application.

So how are social services getting involved if your ex didn't call them?
The CAFCASS lady on the phone said she has to pass the information she’s been given onto social services and that they then will be involved.
It is all very over whelming and I’m sorry for the late replies, today has just consisted of paper work and going through every last bit of info that will be significant. The hearing is Wednesday, it’s bound to be ajourned!
And what baffles me most is she’s ticked the box that that’s says she wouldn’t be happy for unsupervised access without her present.
And would allow supervised access with her present. Yet she doesn’t want me to lay eyes on her at the court. I smell embarrassment because, she knows everything that’s about to come out of her mouth is complete crap!

I will do exactly that.
I’m just really gutted about the voice recordings and video calls that have been recored because in her response from her solicitor, Is completely the opposite to what she’s like on the phone. I have her contradicting practically most of her allegations!
Slagging social workers off and most importantly telling me it’s not fair on me or the little one that we’re not seeing each other.
I know they will come in good use but it just seems a long distance to actually getting to see my little one!

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