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Foreign holidays
Currently a PSO is in place preventing my ex taking my daughter abroad on the basis of threats to abscond and being a foreign national of a non Hague country. She tried to get it overturned at the last hearing but the judge said if either of us have specific foreign holiday plans to write to him ahead of the next hearing. I really don't want her going to her Mum''s country but I also like the idea of me having an extra week and a foreign trip. I worry if I put plans forward it may lend itself to supporting her getting a trip too. Bit of a dilemma. Should I go along with this or stick with the line that all foreign travel be put on hold until a new normal is established?
I have the same problem.
Ex is non British with foreign passport.
I would never let her take my son to a non hague country. Risks are too high. Ill never see my kid if that happened as ex is a sly fox.
The relatives can visit here instead.

Courts and the monkeys working in the courts dont give a crap about about the welfare of the kid when the mother is the abusive violent person.
What can uk courts do with getting your kid back from a non hague country. The answer is nothing.
You will have to go through the courts in that country.
By the time u try sort it the kid will be settled in that country and left with a debt worth 100'000s
My sacrifice is that I wont travel abroad to see my own parents until this mess is over and I secure residency of my child.

The risk is too high
I guess you're right. It is a non Hague country but also an extradition country so it is easy to get her back if not the child. Case recently with a Filipino mother who abducted a child was extradited and got 4 years in a British prison but the child is still out there.

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