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Feeling pretty crap,
I offered to change schedule this weekend for mothers day, against the court order, but it meant that I wouldnt see daughter for four days [sorry I know you guys have it bad but Im not ashamed to say I still miss my girl like crazy]
Daughter chose a present and card for her mum, wrapped it up and scribbled the card.

Dont mind doing it as I always have, but it keeps going round my head that no more than two weeks ago at FHDRA ex tried to cut down having my daughter even more to every other weekend.
I keep trying to do the right thing by her and keep getting kicked in the balls. Walking funny today!
Same situation. Judge said I could send her one. Did a hand print in it the lot. Now won’t let me see her
I know it was tough here too - my order isn't sealed yet and she did a work to rule of enforced week-end swaps (when I had agreed to part of Mother's Day week-end anyway) - so now don't see son for a whole week then only short periods for the next couple of week-ends. Gave up sending her a card from son a long time ago - her H sorts that out now and anything from my house would be chucked in the bin!

Try and do something to keep you busy - that week-end is over now - and soon back to normal - hope you get Father's Day!

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