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Text Printing
Really sorry to repost, Ive been looking for a conversation I had with LTCDAD [I think] about printing texts, Im sure LTCDAD suggested an app but cant remember. Any suggestions?
I took a screenshot on my phone, then sent it to myself and printed it out

This is what i used... saves them to pdf format
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I have an Android phone and use SMS Backup+ which syncs my SMS messages with my G-mail account and then I save them to PDF. I've received 1000s of texts since I left and screen shooting all of them became impossible.
Did you have to pay for that ltcdad as i tried using that afew weeks ago and it wouldn’t let me see anything on my phone
What phone do you have Naive?
iPhone x
This tells you how to do it with an iphone. You need third party software apparently and they will then be saved to Pc, viewable,printable or able to be screenshotted (make sure you get the date, time and sender showing when screenshotting). I would then be careful to save these on computer and back up the saved files elsewhere as it sounds like they are removed from the phone once on the pc.

Also check out youtube - there often good videos to show you how to do it - there may be other ways as well.

Although to be honest, with a big screen on an iphone you could maybe just take a photo of the texts on the iphone screen, upload the photos as jpegs on pc and print those out.

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