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section 37 report
sorry i dont know if any one can help i need to do a statement in reply to a section 37 report by child services 
any help in how i should lay it out as i am doing it my self as i can not afford a lawer
Are the local authorities recommendations to proceed to care/supervision order?

Im seeing all sorts of requests being explored by the courts to pick and find faults with ie innocent fathers.
Its a mess.

Its not far off from a sec 7 report.

Lay it out stating who u are.
That you have read the report undertaken by the xxxx local authority and thier recommendations
And that you wish to file a response .

I do not know your circumstances to comment but such assessments as a sec 37 would indicate they feel your child may be at risk of harm with the particular patent.

If they should consider applying for a Care Order/Supervision Order
You should list the evidence to why you think that your child should remain in your care.

Follow the welfare check list , agree disagree politely on what the reporter of the sec 37 has stated etc

Include examples that your child is happy and stable in his her current environment,
Has plenty of support from xyz
You are able to provide abcd for your child
The welfare checklist can be found on the web.

I would suggest that children services should provide services or assistance for your child and your family rather than the above orders being made

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