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Half holidays order
Just a quick question, Im just trying to sort out the details of the order Im looking for. Barrister threw in half holidays since ex wasnt budging on anything anyhoo.
My ex and I both work so during term holidays, how do you guys do it? For the guys who have half holidays what does it actually mean? you organise childcare if youre working?

It seems easiest to me to just organise the holidays we have off work and leave the rest of the time as is. i.e. on my days I would organise daughter to be looked after by family during the day if Im not off work.

I dont want to just throw half holidays in there just to be awkward, it has to be practicable. But no different for the ex though.
6 weeks summer

3 weeks each
1 weeks at day care (school summer camp)... i can work from home so drop them and pick them up
2 weeks holiday abroad or days out

Half term - split alternate years
Xmas week before or week after the big day
Easter - week each

Use school club if they are running or friends and family to save annual leave

Make sure you have flexibility to allow each other to book flights a few days before or after to get good deal

That's the theory we work to.... it sorts of works (better on paper than in reality)
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
I'm self employed and work from home and there are other people around so it's up to me how I organise the time!

Would suggest specified "half the holidays" and say these are weeks you can work around with work etc:


Third week and last two weeks of summer holidays
A full half term each out of May or October and February half term split, keeping to usual week-ends
A full week at Easter and Christmas

Christmas alternately from 24th to 26th each year

Such further or other times as agreed. That way you can swap half term weeks or adjust dates or whatever but don't have to unless you both agree so you can't be bulldozed).

It's up to you how you organise those holiday weeks. If you cant have time off work for all ofthem, you could book a holiday club as LTC Dad says, or arrange for grandparents to stay for the week or for them to visit grandparents or whatever.

Just get the time - as much as you can. To keep the relationship up and avoid alienation in the future. And the more you ask for the more you can compromise down if necessary if a consent order seems likely on the day.

Don't think of it as "holidays" but as time your children live with you. If they had no Mum and lived with you all the time you would make arrangements that worked - it's just the same.

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