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Moving out of jointly owned house and rights...

Going through the delights of everything and after being made redundant (of which she naturally wants all of that!) I have managed to pay enough to rent somewhere until the house is sold. Means me and my son get some piece and quiet and less stress for half the week. 

She is demanding my keys back, but I legally own 60% of the house, or if I keep them, she wants keys to my new rental property. 

Anyone experienced this? What can or can't she ask for?

Help appreciated!!!
Hi. It's generally recommended not to move out until you have child arrangements agreed in writing. What can often happen is - as soon as you move out, ex will stop contact and/or possibly make allegations against you and get a non molestation order or something and you could have to wait months going through court getting allegations dismissed, before seeing son regularly again.

This happens a lot. I would suggest you at least get an agreement drawn up between you, in writing as to what arrangements there will be for son to spend time with you both. Don't agree that he lives with her in writing. Ideally you want an agreement that he lives with both parents on a shared care basis even if it is for unequal amounts of time. Ideally you would do it at mediation for a consent order to be stamped by the courts, so it is an enforceable order and not just an agreement.

Would suggest you try and stay put and keep things as amicable as possible until you have some arrangements in place for son - once you leave you can't trust anything she says unfortunately.

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