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Can't get my head round it
Still a bit shell-shocked. Can someone explain to me how the heck this could happen?  You get as far as a final hearing, they want a consent order - five hours later it's all agreed with barristers except for a few issues which the Judge decides.  And you are then told you have an order valid from that day and as a formality it will be approved and sent in for sealing when typed up.

And then you're told the ex is no longer consenting!  How does anyone get a consent order then?  And then the Judge doesn't do anything about it?  I just don't understand how it is not now legal if approved in court.
Oh dear not another one.
Its getting a bloody joke.
I will try n respond better once I have shaken off my migraine.
Well the order should stand and its nonsense.
I had the same crap and ended up having to appeal the judgement made as the order I received was nothing that I discussed and wanted for a consent order.

Give the courts a ring and inform them . They will most likely tell you to put an application to vary the order.

If she is not complying that in itself is a breach.

Moto of the day ...Want a woman wants a women will get.

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