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Just thought id share this

How many breaches . I know a cat is meant to have 9 lives but .this does take the biscuit.

I wonder if judgement of this case had been different if the father behavied in such disregard.
That’s a joke. How many times I lost count. That poor dad
Suspended prison sentence after all that! And yet another hearing!

Then all they say it is an imperfect system. I would say it is a useless system.
From my perspective on reading this if you are up against this sort of mentality then you have to fight fire with fire and up the anti. It's the only way to fight bullys.

The father did everything legally possible to simply have access to his child, a basic request. If she opposes this fragrantly then the father should have pushed for her to go to prison, which from my perspective is what guided the judges decision overall since he did not. It's her risk, not his.
This is not callous from the fathers perspective. She is he one holding his child to ransom, imprisoning the child. That's not a healthy environment for the child and frankly I would have pushed for that for my child's safety and well being long term

Sure it's a last resort but what else is he supposed to do?
This is very interesting. At least we now know some judges (and dads) will persist against all odds and try to do whatever is in their powers to address this.
what a joke

if that was the other way round it would served notice, dad doesn't appear in court, dad is charged with contempt dad is sent to jail and doesn't collect £200 when he passes go..

i wonder how much this has cost the poor fella
Yes it is a very screwed up system.
I was the resident parent until the courts failed to following mandatory procedures and cafcass failed to report factual information.
Im fighting how this dad did. I follow the rules.
And following the rules has only not screwed me over with keeping my son safe, secure and stable but financially crippled me.

I will succeed I will expose the wrong doers. I will protect my son regardless of the rules of court.

The mother is riding on cloud 9. Using the system to secure housing, benefits and any freebie the government hands to her .

The system is shocking.
Man follow rule = shafted up the ass , bankrupt, homeless, and given a free bar of soap as to make new acquaintances in prison for a breach he never committed.
Woman break rule= rewarded with full custody and a blind date with the magistrate.

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