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Contact Centre, who pays?
Ive been having a blazing argument with a single mother. She reckons her solicitor has told her she has to pay for contact centre. I thought it was always the applicant?

By the way, best single mother I have ever met. The ex takes kid straight round his mums and then goes out on the town to get shit faced. He hasnt been there when mum has taken boy last 3 times but she still goes. She says if its only 5 mins he still gets to know his dad. She's got every reason to hate the ex but she is perfectly reasonable with him and he is not interested.

Anyway, he was drugged up when we saw him [with my own eye] so she wants to ask for contact centre but doesn't want to pay.
From my experience it is the applicant who pays all of the fees, though contact workers will always suggest the payments to be split equally.
Hi Naive, it is definitely usually the applicant that pays. I have to pay and it states that in the court order as well. It also states that convenience will be given to the resident parent if there is a choice and it will be upto him to sort it out unless she knows one near that is available. So basically he will have to sort one out as near to her as he can with the availability that they need. He will be charged if he doesnt turn up or is late. If it wasnt my fault then the centre i was using didnt charge me.

The centre did say they would ask if she would share costs but they got the obvious answer. So she can just say no tbh.
Who picks contact centre. Does dad get to choose one local or does mum of child. Do the courts use allocated one in area and who pays for it say if ex partner forcing u to do it when there's a contact dispute
warwick i dont pay mate
(03-20-2018, 09:39 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: Who picks contact centre. Does dad get to choose one local or does mum of child. Do the courts use allocated one in area and who pays for it say if ex partner forcing u to do it when there's a contact dispute

Right well, the court basically told me to sort it out and then inform them when it was to start.  And it was upto me to inform the centre of when we would need them and when we would no longer need them. They gave me a list of centres but when i called have they were either not doing it anymore or no availability. 

The applicant (dad) usually pays. It was put in the order that father would cover all costs for the centre. Some are free but as you can imagine have limited availability and i found usually are only open for a few hours every other week. I had supported contact only but some wanted £45 an hour and had 2 hours every week. I was never asked if i could afford it or not or offered any help. The ex wanted supervised contact which is like £75 hour but when the court told her she would have to pay towards it she shut up. 

I found a centre that was £25 hour, still a fair bit considering we still have to pay maintenance as well. The centre will usually ask the other parent if they will contribute but i think you can guess what the answer to that is going to be. She refused and played the struggling single mom game. 

But get this, the order also said that the mother will get priority with convenience if there is a choice. So if there is more than one and the more expensive one is closer and better for her then you would have to use that one as far as i understand the order. Hope this helps.
the closest one is the cheapest and the courts use this one regular and well known to each other and is in her hometown. the other one can do contact in same town but have to travel to get there and are nearly 3 x more expensive and she is suggesting that one to wind me up. the courts fully recognise and have a good relationship with the one I would use if required too. I been offered 1 hour by the expensive one and the court recognised offering me 2 hours for a lot less anyway if things didn't pan out and can offer me contact a day after hearing immediately. it would be interim contact anyway and there is actually no reason why I should be supervised as done nothing wrong, she is attempting to adjourn a final hearing to delay things . I need to get some kind of contact if she can do this and she is making things difficult by choosing a more expensive one . I also have a court order anyway which stands but way its worded makes it impossible for me to get children without conflict. I cant go to her house as. false allegations would be made and she refusing to hand them over as per court order

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