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Benefit Query
Just a hypothetical question. If a shared residency order was granted by the courts and the children resided with me in the week and attended school, would I be able to have the benefits related to the children switched from ex to myself as the kids would primarily be residing with me?
Are u the non resident parent at present. If you are then I will send you a box full of magic so u can conjure up a spell to try get shared care as the likely hood where an order would be every other weekend (for dads) mothers,tend to get 3/4nights a week.

However if your the resident parent ie father, forget the box of magic. Get ya self a Crystal ball, there it will tell you that the ex will get shared care.

Benefit side of things your ex will more likely take the full fruits of the money pot tree and hang on to it until her last breath
Yes. If you are doing the majority of the day to day care you are the one entitled to child benefit. Same with tax credits.

You will likely have to battle for it though.

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