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final hearing statement help
hello all can anybody help with how???????? to right a position statement to the court , with a bearing on moving forwards,? am self rep and lost tbh just going thro the system doing ok i think so far cheers guys
I’ll try to get 20m tomorrow to give what advice I can.

Until then make a list of the people you can trust to give you good feedback and constructive advice on the whole thing. Spelling, grammar, the points you made etc etc.

Pm me if I forget. Have the kids all day tomorrow!
This was my last paragraph. Probably sums it up?

"Despite my marriage breaking down and losing my wife, who was my best friend and the love of my life, I no longer hold any negative feelings towards XXXX. We remain parents of two children who we both love above all else and I am determined to have a productive, practical, business like relationship where we both understand each other and are able to best support our children. I’m sure that with the right level of empathy between us as well as a firm framework provided by the court we can remain more than amicable. I’m willing to be flexible and compromise with arrangements as the reality of an unpredictable world affects us and as the children grow older. I have always been happy with XXXX style of parenting and I am very proud of the children we have brought up together."

Also when I asked my solicitor about the general framework of the statement:

"There is no standard format/framework for the preparation of a statement as they are bespoke to the individual case. The court has specified that it covers the three main following areas, however: your position in relation to any matters not agreed; any relevant background information; your proposals for the arrangements for the children.

Generally speaking, putting it in chronological order makes the most sense and ease to read. So a rough outline would be: background to the relationship and the arrangements for the children during the course of the relationship; the events leading up to and following separation; what the current arrangements are and how they are working; and proposals in relation to the arrangements for the children and how that would work."

Lastly - the court don't give two shits really about what you did or what your ex did, they care about the kids, what is happening now, is it working and what's best for them. Don't dwell on the why, however angry and wronged you are, there's no point and you'll look better focussing on looking forward. Frame everything from the kids perspective. Say "the children will benefit" not "I want..."
thanks mate,, but i didnt have any relationship with my daughter, up untill cafcass court made it so,, ?
Well I’d say how much your daughter needs a relationship with her father, google all the good reasons. Say why you want to be an involved father look to the future and how you’d eventually like it to be?
I did have some sort of relationship with my daughter but she was very small still when i was denied contact so im not sure she even knew me tbh. Although when i did see her in the contact centre again she seemed to settle with me as soon as she saw me so maybe she knew me. Anyway cafcass wrote this in my section 7 report so maybe you could use some of this.

"It is important both emotionally and psychologically that our daughter is given the opportunity to have contact and build a relationship with her father. It is important for her identity and for her to know who is who in her life. She will benefit from the care and affection that will be accorded to her from her father and his immediate family as she develops. I feel the mother underestimates how essential it is that her daughter has regular, consistent contact with her father. Contact should happen minimum once a week for 2 hours but if it could be arranged for longer then it would benefit the child and the attachment."
That is great stuff. I hope you don't sue me for copyright infringement. Ha ha I would like to use that in my position Statement. It perfectly describes what I wish to say.

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