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Parental Responsibility Order for unmarried/not on birth certificate dad
My partner may be leaving me in the near future and I am trying to find out whether this could potentially separate me from my 5-year-old daughter too. She may be leaving me because she feels that we are not made for each other (i.e. I have never done anything wrong to her or our daughter).
My partner and I are both European and my daughter has British nationality. We are unmarried and when our daughter was born I decided not to be on the birth certificate (my partner agreed). I was very young at the time and wasn’t sure I’d be prepared for a child. Also, I hardly knew my partner when she fell pregnant. We have both been very good parents to our daughter ever since she was born. We both spend lots of time with her every day and she is a very happy child.
I recently consulted a solicitor who said that not being on the birth certificate or married meant that my partner could potentially take my daughter away from me. This probably won’t happen as long as she stays in the UK but I think she might eventually decide to move abroad with our daughter.
This seems unfair to me, as I have devoted my whole life to my daughter since she was born, and we have a strong bond. I don’t want to ask my partner if she would agree to put me on the birth certificate because I fear that she may not want to, as she would then have to have my consent before moving abroad with our daughter. So this is something I’d rather not bring up at this stage.
If she did leave me, I would then try to have my name on the birth certificate, but I don’t know what would happen if she did not agree. Should I then apply for a Parental Responsibility Order? What are my chances of getting it? Is there anything else I could do, either now or at a later stage?
I’ll appreciate any help with any of these questions.
To my understanding you can only do it by court order now. And yes she can do anything she likes without your permission. She could simply disappear one day and you will have the fight of your life. Not to mention, whats the child laws like in your country?

You're in the worst possible position, on the one hand you want to keep things friendly but it might not be in your control.
Have a look through this site, some men never saw it coming.
You need to have a long hard think about your relationship, because if it were me, the slightest hint of trouble and Id be in court like a shot.

You'll definitely get parental responsibility in a court, from what I hear they give them out like candy as long as youre not an axe murderer, child abuser.

The other advantage to doing it now is all is happy and peaceful, this means there shouldn't be too many complications, if you wait until everything goes wrong then you'll have to deal with it in court.

Screw it, put your daughter first!!! get to court as fast as you can with as little warning as possible and get on the birth certificate.
Evidence Evidence Evidence... pictures and proof of the part you played in your daughters life so far

You WON'T need this... IF your ex agrees

If she doesn't she will pretend that you never met your daughter and you were a rubbish dad and only her shoudl have custody

So start collecting ... no need to tell the ex... keep things friendly and if you have been the dad you describe ... all good either way... but you'll have a box of evidence in case you need it and a box of great memories if you dont
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Very helpful advice, thank you, I really appreciate it.

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