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Children and moving location is it good or bad
My ex has a wealthy boyfriend who is now seeing my kids.

Neither of them have introduced this man to me (the children's dad, they are 5 and 8).

I feel I'm being pushed out of their lives and I hate it.

I have lost contact with most of the village where they live as mums follow mums more often than not so in my 40s I'm feeling very isolated from people.

AM considered moving 30 mins away to another town, but in doing this I cannot have my children overnight in the week, and I go from 7 nights with me in a fortnight to 3 nights a week in a fortnight because she wont allow me more.

Feel so guilty and like this will be the final nail in the coffin with my kids. I've been unable to move on since she left and started this relationship so fast afterwards.

What do other men do? How do you knowing move even a short distance from your children and also know that the life friends you have are so scattered in your 40s how do you rebuild and get a good circle of people around you again?
I suspect that many would advise against moving away and reducing the contact with your children, from what I read here it can be really difficult to up it again later on. If you think a better social life and more friends awaits in this new town, then stay where you are travel to that new town, if it means you see more of the kids (and that's what you want).

So the village has a pub? Are you on facebook? Have you tried 'meet-up' just google it, make a point of reconnecting with old friends from school, in the weekend when you don't have the kids, already you are down to only being alone 4 or 5 nights a fortnight. So join a club related to hobbies. Most gyms and sports clubs have an active social life based on social media. Work on being a better version of you and then think about dating, might seem scary, but take it up as a 'hobby' and soon there will be plenty of nights filled in for you.
Changed access would be:-

Wed nights for 3 hours
Karate lesson 1 hour
Full weekend fri to Mon

alternate week:-

Wed night for 3 hours
Karate lesson 1 hour
Sunday afternoon 5 hours

Currently I have them

Tues and weds night every week a day and night at weekend and alternate weeks an extra night. Generally I seem to have the boys most sat nights but I'm just grateful to see them.

So I'm loosing overnight stays by moving. My life was in the other town for years, but I worry I'm setting myself up for paint by moving, particularly as the mother is not someone who will help me with the children.

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