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help and advice
So, i need advice. The last 12 months have been truly remarkable in what has occurred, From leaving the family home in Jan 17, receiving threats and intimidation from the former partner(which I logged with the Police), to then wanting the relationship to work, to then meeting someone else. I moved into my own place in the summer after staying at friends for the months before. With my children, they received emotional turmoil, I would see them weekly, however I was receiving texts when dropping the kids off from the former partner in what was being said to the kids. In May, I was arrested for an allegation, which was to conclude in November with no charge and case closed. In the 6 months of the case I could have had supervised contact however the former partner used their anger/threats and intimidation including coming to my property on several occasions where i called the Police. In November i applied for mediation to conclude finances, which have been completed. In December I applied for access to my children, as the former partner was still not allowing me any contact with the kids, albeit I provided gifts at Xmas and cards. In January the court case started, at this point the former partner has stated a number of allegations including domestic abuse and being not responsible as a father, there is no evidence of this, albeit in a drunken situation i slapped her, although it took her 7 months to log this with the Police, this after the arrest in May.

Cafcass have so far stated no interim contact however the court have ruled I can have indirect contact until the final decision is made. I have written to my daughter, however had no response, even though my daughter wants communication as Xmas/birthday card and school photo has been sent to me. My son who is older, has stated(by the former partner) he doesn't want to see me, however I believe that when I had a good relationship with him and my daughter up to May last year I find this hard to believe.

Advice ; I have applied for contact, nothing more, I know that the timeframe is that I would require supervised contact in the shorter term, rebuild the trust and relationships, however I can i be confident the former partner is encouraging anything positive in seeing me?

I have evidence, including witness statements and texts from the former partner that shows clearly that no abuse was taking place with her, so will the court look at ensuring a helpful contact is granted? or have i got no chance given Cafcass initial recommendations.

I have a CAfcass appointment next month and have been given 1.5 hours to discuss my case, I have prepared well, however is it all in vain, do I have a chance of any contact with my kids who I haven't seen for 10 months?

Any help/advice would be great in this, the emotional struggles in this have been nothing short of huge but somehow I have kept going in the hope that I will see my kids again.
Ask some people with experience to give you hope

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