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1yr 3months 15days
Today I got a call as I stood on Reading Railway Station waiting for my train

It was a good one

470 days ago all of my computers got seized and I was accused of being a pedophile by my ex, those computers had been in her possession for the previous six months whilst I moved into my own place, but the day and hour I moved into my own place, the Police came and seized them.

Today I was called and told I was innocent.

Gents - stand your ground, keep your cool and more than anything - dont retaliate .....
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Gosh! What a terrible, terrible burden to have to carry for so long. How people can be so cruel I will never understand.

To let someone make such serious unfounded allegations should be punishable if found to have been done out of malice.
Bloody hell!

Its a really easy task for someone who knows you (has access to your IT) to set you up for this kinda thing too, well done for coming out the other side.....
Great news... can you sue her for slander or defamation?
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Excellent news!

I had a similar accusation thrown at me..... The police didn't even bother to call and still haven't. I called them and got told to assume that if I haven't heard anything then there is nothing left to follow up (No Further Action or NFA).
I honestly regret sharing any of my passwords with my ex, change them now everyone!

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