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name change
Wondering if anyone has had similar experience of this my ex wants me to have my daughter over night one day each week which I would love unfortunately my job does not allow me to do this as have to be away from home or early starts.
But I have her everyother weekend fri till the sun and if I'm off ill have her like the holidays we agreed over the year 4 weeks but I have managed to have a few more days than that. But agaain that not good enough she now demands I have her for 2 days in all holidays when her turn to have her. 
Now I want to change her name to mine as she has the mothers surname does anyone no how to go about this depoll need her concent to do this she has told them no so now what is my best options.
Regards stewart
Hi Smitch...and welcome.

Are you named on the BC? Does your ex have any other children, and if so what surname do they carry. A mother, or father, cannot change a child's surname by herself or himself unless she or he is the only person with parental responsibility. Even then if the other parent objects a Court Order could be made.

What would be in the child's best interest? There are many factors which could affect a name change. Is this a desire on your part, or are there other factors in play? How old is your child, if old enough to fully understand, what would she want?

You wrote......" she now demands I have her for 2 days in all holidays when her turn to have her. ", can you explain this a bit better, I don't understand what you mean by this so can't offer much until you elaborate a bit.
You can only change your child's name to yours with the mother's/your ex's consent. You could take it to court. However, I don't imagine you'd have much luck if your ex refuses her consent, unless there is a very good reason for a name change. With regards to your other question; it's always very difficult as there is no rule book in negotiating access. Does your ex have a job? Does she have commitments also? If you're co-parenting a child, then it's about sharing the parenting, not just in the bits where it fits in or is convenient, especially if your ex may also have commitments that she needs to fulfil if she's a working mum. You can always apply for flexible working. Have a word with your boss to see if your work can accommodate the extra days. See the link on flexible working I hope this helps.

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