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84 men take their own lives every WEEK

This campaign is great.
Wow. This really bugs me. There is so little exposure to mental health and men.
Same applies to male victims of DV.
That is a shocking amount of men taking their own lives per week.

Society is a mess and what puts the cherry on the cake is that the judicial system is equally a mess.

The family courts are a big contributing factor to a rise in mens mental health. Especially when the victim is the fathers being stopped contact from seeing thier children without proper justification.

I hope every father on her is able to seek the support they need.

Stay well and safe
That is powerful stuff.
If anyone has issues and needs someone to talk to I can thoroughly recommend
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.

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