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Waiting for court
Hi guys

As you may have read things have been down but have now gone up!

Cafcass and the contact centre reports are backing me up all the way. Unfortunately the ex still wants contact to stop.

I'm waiting to go into court soon.

I'll update you on the outcome

Wish me luck
Oh good luck buddy, sounds like youve got this sown up. What a rollercoaster.

DONT roll over for her!!!!!
Excellent news. Time and patience paying off.
Great...good luck
Cafcass have had to do an amazing about turn with you. From being ready to recommend no contact to backing increased contact is a hell of a change from them. They ain’t used to this.

The contact centre must have shown them up! Good for them.

Best of luck to you.
Really hoping its good news mate
Moved to a final order. No more court for me hopefully. Negotiated to ongoing contact moving to weekly unsupervised with the contact centre's recommendations that it be supervised for 4 more sessions (fortnightly) before moving to weekly in May

So I assume I won't be back to court until the ex breaches the order lol

Win for the good guys!
Cracking, so happy for you, I know it wont be easy as your ex seems adamant but for now you deserve a beer.
We've all been through the mill but yours looked like an impossible case where the mother was never going to play ball. You should be incredibly proud of yourself for what you've achieved because its been a worse case than many of us here.
When your child is grown they'll see how hard you fought for them.

Honestly, cracking
Agree - excellent - your patience has paid off. If she does breach - even once - enforce! It will set a pattern that could help in the future.

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