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Ideas for things to do with your kids....
I have two children, girl (10) and boy (9)

We love going swimming, and scooting and surfing and biking (when I can get their Mom to share their bikes...!)

They still love visiting the local parks and playing, plus a bit of Frisbee or catch

but what about decent attractions or places to visit that are either free, or cheap, or good value for money?
do they have bogs nearby?
can you buy food nearby?  (either convenience store or restaurant)

I thought it might be useful / helpful to start a thread of places or things to do if you're a single separated Dad

Ill start off with some of our favourite spots:

Flip Out trampoline parks - not for every weekend, as its not cheap, but they are great fun and good to burn off some energy if the weather is a bit poor

Stoke on Trent Skate Park - if your kids like a bit of scooting or skateboarding this purpose built park is pretty huge and generally the locals are reasonable, plus there is big playground right next door, with a lake and picnic area nearby too

Projekts MCR - near to Manchester Piccadilly Station, cheap and cheerful and friendly

Heaton Park Manchester - lovely park, brilliant playground, interesting Tram museum and tram rides, sainsburys nearby for food and meals

Swindon Oasis Leisure pool - near the station in Swindon, big pool with waves and a beach, three or 4 high level slides that are excitingly worthwhile

please feel free to add your places....

Tesco clubcard is very good. Boost points if you swap them for days out or eating out

National trust membership could also be worth looking at as many of those grand houses have huge gardens and country walks just waiting for kids to explore. There is usually free parking with membership too. Food can be a wee bit pricey in these places but you can always take a picnic.

The likes of o2 priority also have meal discounts etc
I made myself a massive list to refer to, along with prices and links so I can get something planned in advance. This is only relevant specifically if you live where I do of course but it's super useful to have the list!

- Duke Of Yorks - (kids club £6, other £26)
- Odeon - (£27.75)

Outdoor spaces
- The beach / beach playgrounds - free (take pack lunches)
- Queens Park - free
- Preston Park - free
- Springbarn Farm - (£25.50 if booked online)
- Adventure Golf - (£17.50)
- Washbrooks farm - - (£20.50)
- Pills Pool outdoor swimming in Lewes - - (£9)
- Drusillas - - (£53.85 in advance)
- Go Ape Crawley - (£55)
- Bently Wildfowl - - (£21)
- Blackberry Farm - (£30)
- Birling Gap - - free
- Fort Fun (water park and indoor space Eastbourne) -
- Groombridge place (1h travel time) - - £41
- Chessington - - (£90 or annual pass?)

Indoor spaces
- Splashpoint - (£10)
- The Triangle - (£10)
- Herstmonceux Observatory - (£23)
- Laser Zone - (£50 for 3 games)
- Out Of Bounds - (£100)
- Climbing - (£63 for 1h taster)
- Booth Museum - (free?)
- Funplex - (£13)
- Westows - (£11, £1 off if use bus)
- Adventure Avenue (Burgess hill) - - (£10, book in advance 1.5hour session)
- Sovereign Leasure Leisure pool - -

Home activities
- Cosmic Kids Yoga
- My Little Pony RPG
- Drawing from YouTube
- Kiwi Box crafting
- General crafting


Weekend spaces
- Chessington approx £300
Do they like pulling golf trolleys? fun day out at wood valley. Just make sure they drink plenty in this heat.

Seriously though. How about fishing.

When I was a kid my parents had ZERO money and summer holidays must have been hell. I remember my mum went and hid stuff in the forest and made a treasure hunt for us. Still cant believe the effort she went to. Anyway thats free, other than the prizes. Labour intensive though. Could invite their friends along.

Oh actually, there is a horse riding school nearby that has paint a unicorn day. They have little shetland ponies and the kids paint them. It all washes off but still feels a bit undignified for the horse lol.
I'm vegan and the kids are veggie so fishing is off the list - but it doesn't;t mean we can't spend some time in nature!

Going camping this weekend for the second weekend in a row with them, have lots more dates lined up Smile
this article is interesting

depending on the age of your kids of course but I let mine cook simple meals and they seem to like getting involved

even shopping can be made fun, occasional trolley races aside (only on empty aisles obviously!) getting the kids to work up a list and then find the best / cheapest/ offers etc even makes a trip to Aldi more of an adventure. rare trips to Waitrose I get them to use the hand held scanner and we shop as we go round.

lots of trips to parks and as my lad requested - "can we just play a game of catch" keep me from getting to lazy

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