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Not being able to return child on time at the end of contact...
Has anyone had this happen before? And what was the outcome?

My partner has a 14 month old daughter. He has 4 hours contact 3 times a week at present (interim contact). He picked her up for today's contact, and travelled with her to my house. Shortly before arrival, she was sick in the car. Sick on the car seat, the car... Just everywhere.

My partner took his daughter in, bathed her, dried her, dressed her, and settled her back down (she hates baths and dressing). He then messaged her mother to let her know what had happened. He explained that he was 45 minutes journey away (she doesn't know where I live) and that as by then it was 1 hr 30 in to contact, he wouldn't be able to get the car seat washed and dried as quickly as required. He was also concerned that she may be sick again, and wasn't happy to travel alone in a car for 45 mins with her (potential choking risk) if she was sick again.

Luckily, she wasn't sick again. But her mother, as expected started ranting and raving via text, insisting he bring her back regardless of the state of the seat. He sent her pictures showing how bad it was. The seat itself had to be hosed down as the vomit had got in to all the fixings. She showed very little concern for the best interests of her daughter, which was to be kept safely until her car seat was usable, and she wasn't vomiting.

As a result, she was returned 2.5 hours late.

Her mother grabbed her from her father, without saying a word, and slammed the door shut.

He then got a call from his solictor asking what had happened because they'd had a call from her solicitors. He explained all the above, and they advised him he acted reasonably and with the best interests of his daughter. They had no issue with what had happened. Clearly her mother hadn't told her solicitor the full picture, as none of this was relayed to his solicitor. As an aside, he had rung and left urgent messages, along with an email to his own solicitor asking for urgent advice on the issue. They failed to get back to him, so he had to act using common sense and hoping for the best.

Given he has had his final hearing adjourned, and has not yet got a final hearing date (social worker off sick, and not completed the required report assessing the contact), he's worried about how this will be portrayed in court. He obviously has pictures of the seat, the state it was in, and his daughters clothes before they were washed. Mum has written she has eaten a banana (so don't feed her one!!) in the contact book, and you can clearly see it's banana vomit.

What would you have done in these circumstances?
I would say there is nothing to worry about. From what you said the courts will see you done the best you could and informed her u would be late and for good reason. be different if u didn't contact at all and showed up late. Is a clear warning sign before final hearing his ex is going to press all his buttons and looking for a reaction and not been child focused so keep a diary of every contact up until next court hearing including latest incident
He did all the right, normal things and sent a message so he's done nothing wrong. These things happen - same as car breakdowns.

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