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Today I stopped Contact
Ok its half term. The successful appeal and a re trial for a final hearing keeps getting vacated.
This is the 2nd time. I guess delay tactics by the courts will help the mother in some way,as "Time" is the enemy for a once resident dad n now under shared care.

Ok I decided to stop all contact based on my sons emotional and physical wellbeing ,with safeguarding concerns thrown in for safe measure. All factual and genuine reasons.

I'm in court in a few weeks time for a rule 16.4 hearing along side a enforcement order the ex threw in last year for one contact she missed as my son was so sick he was in bed all day, the ex was in agreement with rescheduling contact..

Any way.
I decided I'm not going to be putting my son at any further risk or let the courts laze around to getting to a final order.
I won the appeal on grounds of Practice direction 12j in Jan,
So why promote contact when it is not safe???

Lets see if the courts reprimanded me as I doubt they would want me to place my child in a situation that may cause him harm.

I spent 1000s to have the appeal heard, 1000s waiting around...

The donkey order states 4 consecutive nights a week during easter???not wat I consented too.
A jump from the current 1 night.
If I let the ex have that many nights . The courts will reverse the primary carers position ie me.

Its a bloody game to them while my kid is so confused in all this messing about.

I know im all in favour of contact once the ex gets her shit together and I would be wrong to send my son without all the safeguarding concerns being dealt with.The safeguarding concerns ive been shouting about since the 1st Hearing. Bloody incompetent system.

Lets see what happens.
Bk in court tomorrow. Im really eager to how the courts will deal with the hearing tomorrow as its listed for 2hours to address if a guardian solicitor need to be appointed for my kid.
Unsure why cafcass are playing this silly game of delaying my final hearing.
Im hoping the courts will address

1. My decision to withdrew contact during these 2 weeks (this will be interesting as my appeal hearing was successful yet the courts continued the previous order where it was not safe to do so for the child)
So I have simply followed the law on what it states under domestic violence and contact arrangements.something the judge failed to acknowledge at the appeal hearing.

2. The enforcement application that the ex put in a month after the consent order was made for me allegedly breaching by keeping my son home while he was sick. (Ex agreed)?

3. And if they put a stay on the current order to why I appealed the oder in the first place.

I will simply not get bulldozed this time with a bunch of amateurs telling me what's best for my child.

I have been patient and respectful to their incompetents. All its done is put my son in a vulnerable situation. Cost me 1000s .

Follow the LAW is simple but when u have the family court morons stray east of the Rules what chance have u got.

If they had simply put in place to what I had proposed which is from my 29 yrs experience as a professional in this field we would not be in this mess now.

A resident father fighting to stop these losers from doing their best in reversing the residency to the mother..(a perpetrator of DV ,etc etc.)

No mother would get treated as I have if the role was reversed.

I will keep updated .

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