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child arrangements - mediation failed, what next?
Yes sure. The above was just a suggestion you could ask for 3 consecutive weeks in the summer. Or 2 in the middle of the summer and two full half terms. I haven't used a Solicitor for an application - done it myself both times, but did use a solicitor after that. What you could do is complete it yourself and ask a solicitor to check it over. Find a Solicitor that's happy to do some work but not all.
Would that be possible to get and order for split care as follows:
Monday, tuesday with me until 8pm on Tuesday than with the mother until Friday
From Friday 7pm with me until Sunday 8pm
Than with me from tuesday night until Friday morning? With her the weekend and than the same think again and again.
This way the longest gal that kids would't see one of the parents would be 3 days (72hours), it is the longest They don't see each parent now.
That would be very close to half of the time.
And than the rest pretty much as Charlie suggested.
Asked her tonigh If kids Could stay over night. She said No. Can I keep them anyway and refund them tomorrow morning?
No best not to do that or you could get accused of abduction. You'd be better getting on with a court application.
Charlie Thanks for prompt response, will be calling solicitors tomorrow to see When They have time do deal with it.
What reasons to apply for prohibited steps order So she can't move far away? Once my daughter mentioned moving home, my mate mentioned the same few months ago. When I started asking auestions about it he Just backed out quickly. Now it Looks like to me she is pregnant (we Are still married, So more problems) with another Man, as far as I know she travels about 1 hours on the train to Where he lives.
Would I have a grounds to apply for PSO, kids Are at school, They have seen me often during last Year, I have moved out 10 minutes away in other So I can see kids and spend time with them,etc.
Do you have good contact with the school? eg Do they keep you up to date with school reports, newsletters etc? And been formally notified that you have parental responsibility. If so email them and just say you wish it to be on file that if notice is ever given of the children leaving the school, that you be notified, because it is a decision that needs the consent of both parents with parental responsibility.

So if she intends to move them to a different school the school should let you know notice has been given and that is the evidence you need to apply for a prohibited steps order to prevent them moving schools. However, if your ex decides to move further away to move in with someone and you apply for a prohibited steps order to prevent her moving the court will most likely find in her favour as she has a good reason to move.

So I would focus on keeping them at the same school and if there is any chance she tries to move them to a different school, then apply for prohibited steps. You'd need to argue it being in the best interests of the children to stay at the same school due to friendships and stability of education and argue that the travelling distance for the Mother is doable.
Thanks Charlie. I have been at school and Ask them to keep me updated but nothing came to me, Its been few months ago, I believe in December before Christmas show. Will e-mail them. Did speak with solicitor today and she will send her a letter proposing 50/50 split in kids care. I don't think she will like that idea, she will be given some time for response and than will apply to Court for the same as it would us more time together and more stability.

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