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Easter Blues - Things Im told
Here's some gems from my two (TWO) days with my sons as she now has them till Wednesday of next week.

1. My 5 year old boy said to me yesterday "Mummy says Jim (the boyfriend) is going to bring his Big Television to our house"
2. My 5 year old boy has said to me "Jim says you cant come to football practice." - don't know if true or not, but its coming from somewhere.
3. My 5 year old boy has said to me "mummy says Jim really loves her".

4. Just found out my son had the all clear from the ENT clinic to swim again. I wasn't even told he'd been to the clinic or had been given the all clear. When I was told about joining a club I naturally said "no problems providing he's cleared by his consultant". I get an email back saying essentially I am preventing him learning a life skill, and then it comes out that I hadn't even been told about this. Now begrudging I receive an email saying "as requested I'll now keep you advised of all up coming appointments. Ridiculous.

5. When my eldest son started Thursday night football lessons, I (the father) wasn't even told. He attended the first lesson without my knowledge and I only discussed when he asked me "daddy will you come and watch me play football". Since then I have been for the last three weeks without fail and will now continue to attend.

15 months on and I am still a mess. Love my sons dearly, would do anything for them, but have to sit and watch as she actively tries to get them to believe that Jim should be treated as their father, and not the one they have who loves them very very much.
Feel for you brother
When your 5 year old boy says things it is cause his mum wants to press your buttons and get a rise. All you can do is remain calm and I don't think Jim has anything to do with this from what you wrote. How to counter act the stupid things she is doing is don't say nothing or react go to swimming lessons and football training like your doing . If your son says Jim got a nice big tv, just say that's really nice you can watch loads of cartoons on it , fact is your 5 year old son probs not bothered what size tv is , its said to wind you up. everything your ex is doing which includes wrongly getting your son to say stuff is cause she obsessed in trying to disrupt your life. Be careful what you say or do towards your ex , people that behave like this normally lining up non molestation , restraining orders as soon as you react to stop you seeing your children. the always mentioning Jim bit from your son is your ex wanting you to cause trouble with him as well , make sure u don't as he probably don't even know whats going on and naïve to it all . whilst your involved with your 5 year old son loads your the winner and let her rubbish go over your head

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