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Ex partner harassing phone calls
Ive finally won my long slog of court against my ex partner and obtained my child arrangement order for my daughter. Though ive recieved 4 phone calls the other night when she was out drunk and was being less than polite to me, after stating it wasnt appropriate and its harrassment she began giving me mouthfuls. Usually this sort of thing goes over my head.

But now im sick of it and want to take some sort of action. I have an app which records all phone calls so can prove what she was saying. Though ive no idea what to do next!

I have a review hearing in a few weeks to discuss further contact. Should i wait until then to bring it up. And apply for a non molestation injunction then?

Or should i speak to the police and see what they make of it? Ive read that it needs to be a minimum of 2 incidents of harrassment for any action to be taken. Does this mean the police will visit my ex and tell her to knock it on the head? Im hoping for something to scare the sense out of her so she won't do it again!

Im concerned about letting the police hear the recordings. Not that I've biten at anything she has said but is there any way i can get someone's legal advice on what the recordings contain? This last year has cost me 11k in costs and i dont want to pay for anymore if i can help it!
You can get the voice recording transcribed.
I have this time and pulled out the significant abuse ,threats , dv events from 2013'. Plus a copy of the recordings on disc.
I did mine via a work mate who does this crap. Normally you will have to make sure they are a approved firm .

My biggest mistake was not having her charged with the assaults.

Learned from my mistakes. Man gets assaulted it is brushed under radar in court.

Woman makes shit up. The shit becomes real.

Record record record...the only way to prove anything.
Your be seen to be seen as a liar otherwise.
Get fact based info.
Report everything to police.

I agree with asd that you should report it to the police. I think they probably won't take any action, although I'm sure if it were you making these calls to her then they would. It sounds as if she's trying to provoke you into saying something that she can use as an excuse to stop contact (CAO or not!). 

At least if you report it there will be a police report generated and this could be useful if you ever have to go back to court for enforcement proceedings. £11k is a lot of money to spend and you need to protect yourself against any allegations from her.

I know you'll probably not want to aggravate things by making a report to the police, but her mindset isn't the same. Given half a chance she'll report you to the police, or take out a NMO. 

This is just my opinion, for what it's worth, so, hopefully, someone with a bit more experience will be able to answer this better from a police / legal perspective.
What your ex partner did the other day is not deemed as harassement as you actually on phone call was arguing back. And Kate is right I wouldn't even bother considering getting ex done for harrasement, they rarely listen or act like they do if it was your ex partner to ring and complain.

Best thing you can do is not let ex partner press buttons and remember not long to go until you are back into court anyway. I would probably not mention latest incident as you don't want courts turning on you.

What you may have been asked if you did ring police is why you answered when she rang 4 times. did you know she may be intoxicated. don't answer any of her calls. send a text after " Are children ok ? if you worried its about your son/daughter. If you know calls going to be abusive don't answer them. you can keep a diary and write down everytime she messes up however trivial.

Just be child focused and don't let her press buttons. If you worried she may get you done for harrasement you can ring police to express concerns and give your version and just ask them to log it so if she rings them they already have your version , rather than them visiting you
the first 2 were random noises which i couldnt understand so i hung up. The 2 remaining calls were giving grief to my current partner and swearing at me etc.

When i was replying to her i didnt raise my voice or argue. I queried if the phone call was about the little one, that her behaviour wasn't appropriate and that it is harrassment. I do want to report it to the police as i have proof of how she was acting. And i also want her to have know that she isnt to speak to me unless it involves the daughter. If i done this to her she would have rang 999 by now!

Thing is i need to see her this week to see my daughter so wonder what she will say then!
Don't bother ringing police . it will just make matters worse. if you think she will ring them on you just ring them and log your version of events. they seem to help woman only and not men in general unfortunately. if you think shes going to give u grief just don't answer the phone, say u will communicate by text especially if u think she has been drinking. if texts are nonsense block her until next day

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