Poll: Would you ever get married again?
For sure
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Would you ever get married again?
ohhhhh hell NO

at this rate i cant even think of a relationship with someone else.
Seems like the clear winner so far is “frank no”.

I’m not surprised. I really don’t know if I could even live with someone again
Im in my mid 40s and at the early stages of divorce. I don't think ill have any pennies left after the CAO, to even buy a meal for any lass I meet.

I am expecting to lose the house that I brought like 16 years ago with my hard earned sweat.

Already lost substantial amount of cash from the ex filtering away 15k overseas.
And now shes expecting to cash in what ever I have.

So If am to marry again I will be seeking a tribal woman from congo as they wont be shocked to find I'm living in a straw hut with a bed made from tesco fruit boxes.

Will I get married again HELL NO

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