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Just about to find out school offers
Anyone else bricking themselves? Its a long story but Im moving house to be near the first choice of school and have bet heavily on it. My whole case revolves around this, as the second choice school is a 40 mile round trip morning and afternoon and puts a massive dent in what "would be best for child"
9:30am is when the emails go out, however Ill have to sit in the queue for hours to argue about the many times Ive proved PR to find out. Im bricking it because Im certain the ex will do anything now to change the school to screw with me.

She got into first choice, wohhoo, theyre sending me proof.
Im gonna have a little moan now. I hate the fact that school admissions/doctors will only allow one name on an application and no option of putting the other parent to be notified. I have to sit on the phone for hours waiting to find out, where I have the same argument about PR every time.
The doctor is the same, all they can do is put my phone number as an alternative contact with the ex's name. Not entirely important I know but in this day and age with divorce rates surely it makes sense to have both parents on these things.
That is fantastic news, enjoy the win. Somewhere on here I read that someone said to play the odds (it could of been you), but it sounds like you've done that successfully.

I'm with you on the single notification issue, it drives me mad. These systems work really well if you are on the list, but if you don't know about them (my sons Scout Group was one example) or can't get on them (schools) it just puts you at a disadvantage.
Thanks, the last 6 months have been a balancing act, financially, practically, logistically with any one thing going wrong screws it all. Im two weeks off the final hearing and ex is now upping the ante, Ive seen her at night parking nearby and watching the house [she's trying to see if I have a puff out the window, I think, or it could be to see if my partner is sleeping over.] Her friends are on my Linkedin every other day now. Ive had strange generic facebook requests recently. Anyway Ive taken some risks and so far its paid off.
So close to the end. Time to batten down the hatches and be an absolute saint for two weeks then. Fingers firmly crossed for you.
I'm not sure but it might be different if it is shared care. Or at least you get to have to agree whose name is the first one. My name is added as a contact on GP records.

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