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CAFCASS interview compilation?
I've noticed that very frequently we see new members posting because of their worries about their upcoming CAFCASS telephone interviews. 

As anyone who has had these interviews knows the questions they ask are based on the case in question, what they may ask one person may not be asked to another.

I was thinking that given how many of us have had these interviews and the safeguarding report thereafter that there must be cases where the circumstances are similar, if not identical? 

Let's face it cafcass are woefully understaffed and they must follow some kind of pattern in their questioning and approach right?

Maybe if we added a place where people could post the questions they were asked by cafcass and (censoring any personal information) a summery or transcript of their report?  

Just thinking it might be useful for people about to have these meetings to see if there is a pattern in cafcass's questioning?

What do you guys think?

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