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Interim Child Contact
Hi everyone,

I am posting this more to vent more than anything, but today my ex-wife arrived at the contact centre with my two sons aged 2 and the youngest 8 months. Since leaving she has purposely restricted and prevented me having any contact with my sons until an interim contact order was setup and agreed to at the end of March as the next hearing for the final directions hearing on the 25th (Wednesday).

In the interim contact order there are no restrictions on other persons attending with me. Last Saturday my Mum attended with me and spent thenwhole three hours with me and the boys, this week however my ex wife decided the minute she saw my brother that she would cause a scene shouting “NO” as loud as possible before dragging my son away in complete distress because he couldn’t see me. Her reasons were:

- That the contact order forbids my family seeing my sons, to which it does not state anything such. It doesn’t even state her family can be involved or not.

- That she had no intention of allowing contact and didn’t want to have it occur.

- She refused to return when my brother said he would leave so I could spend time with my sons.

- She tried claiming that my brother was shouting at her.

- She encouraged her sister to try and purposefully antagonise a violent reaction from me by entertainment the contact centre hostile towards me and my brother. Too which I asked the staff to remove her as she cancelled my FaceTime contact on the grounds “communication had broken down” and felt she couldn’t continue the contact. Yet she had the audacity to say that she was going to sit in on my session today to monitor me. Which means she would have been in direct contact with me, even though my ex wife’s Non-Molestation Order states no direct or indirect contact with my ex or her family. I even received a letter from her solicitor saying as such when they stopped my FaceTime contact.

I am absolutely livid that my ex who has consistently abused me has decided on whims that she can cease my contact when she feels she can. The contact centre staff witnessed everything that occurred today and said that what she has done is completely wrong and unjust and that she is making the situation all about herself and not about our sons. The contact centre staff even noted how she outright lied that my brother had shouted at her, they even acknowledged that they were forcefully trying to provoke a violent reaction from me to breach the Non-Molestation Order as they have no evidence to back the false allegations I have been slandered with.

I am so angry that my sons have to be put into a situation that they see me and get ripped away from because she feels that she can use the court order by any implied context and not what is actually stated. I even showed the order to the centre staff who noted that she had breached the agreed contact order in doing so.
Good that the contact centre noted all these things. I would ask them to record the incident in detail. I don't know whether contact is allowed for anyone else or not when it's an interim order at a contact centre, but the centre didn't seem to prohibit it. You might need to get a brief bit of legal advice just to find out where you stand on that for the future visits. Although it doesn't say you can't do something, it may be worded that it is for you and the assumption be it is just for you. Haven't come across this before.

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